Finnish music stars died at age 71

Here are 16 famous musicians from Finland died at 71:

Väinö Linna

Väinö Linna (December 20, 1920 Urjala-April 21, 1992 Tampere) a.k.a. Vaino Linna was a Finnish writer and author. His children are Sinikka Linna and Petteri Linna.

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Spede Pasanen

Spede Pasanen (April 10, 1930 Kuopio-September 7, 2001 Kirkkonummi) a.k.a. Pertti Olavi Pasanen, Pertti Olavi "Spede" Pasanen, Spede, H6, Pertti Pasanen, Pasanen or Jürgen von Schnitzel was a Finnish writer, film director, inventor, film producer and comedian. He had one child, Pirre Pasanen.

His most well known albums: Naisen logiikka and Hurja joukko.

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Frans Hjalmar Nortamo

Frans Hjalmar Nortamo (June 13, 1860-November 30, 1931) was a Finnish writer.

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Rabbe Enckell

Rabbe Enckell (March 3, 1903 Tammela, Finland-June 17, 1974 Helsinki) also known as Rabbe Arnfinn Enckell was a Finnish writer, author and poet.

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Peter von Bagh

Peter von Bagh (August 29, 1943 Helsinki-September 17, 2014 Finland) also known as Kari Peter Conrad von Bagh was a Finnish film director, screenwriter, professor, author, film historian, actor, television director, film producer and film editor.

He died in disease.

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Adiel Paananen

Adiel Paananen (January 3, 1897-July 25, 1968) was a Finnish personality.

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Mikko Husu

Mikko Husu (September 30, 1905-June 13, 1977) was a Finnish personality.

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Jorma Peltonen

Jorma Peltonen (January 11, 1944-April 5, 2015) was a Finnish personality.

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Jalmari Eskola

Jalmari Eskola (November 16, 1886 Russian Empire-January 7, 1958 Turku) was a Finnish personality.

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Eero Berg

Eero Berg (February 17, 1898 Kangasala-July 14, 1969 Karijoki) was a Finnish personality.

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Tom of Finland

Tom of Finland (May 8, 1920 Kaarina-November 7, 1991 Helsinki) also known as Touko Laaksonen or Tom was a Finnish visual artist.

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Arvid Järnefelt

Arvid Järnefelt (November 16, 1861 Saint Petersburg-December 27, 1932) was a Finnish writer and judge.

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Teuvo Puro

Teuvo Puro (November 9, 1884 Helsinki-July 24, 1956 Helsinki) also known as Kaarlo Teuvo Bäckman or Kaarlo Teuvo Puro was a Finnish screenwriter, actor and film director.

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Arvo Lehesmaa

Arvo Lehesmaa (October 22, 1901 Pori-May 18, 1973 Helsinki) also known as Arvo Alexander Nylund was a Finnish actor.

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Liisa Nevalainen

Liisa Nevalainen (May 2, 1916 Oulu-December 10, 1987 Helsinki) also known as Anna-Liisa Nevalainen, Liisa Häyrinen or Leena Kariniemi was a Finnish actor and screenwriter.

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Mauno Mäkelä

Mauno Mäkelä (March 7, 1916 Helsinki-October 17, 1987 Helsinki) also known as Mauno I. Mäkelä, Mauno I Mäkelä or Mauno Ilmari Mäkelä was a Finnish film producer.

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