Finnish music stars died at age 77

Here are 15 famous musicians from Finland died at 77:

Veikko Antero Koskenniemi

Veikko Antero Koskenniemi (July 8, 1885 Oulu-August 4, 1962 Turku) was a Finnish writer and poet.

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Lauri Virtanen

Lauri Virtanen (August 3, 1904 Finland-February 8, 1982 Turku) was a Finnish personality.

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Emil Genetz

Emil Genetz (October 24, 1852-May 1, 1930) was a Finnish personality.

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Teodor Koskenniemi

Teodor Koskenniemi (November 5, 1887 Vihti-March 15, 1965 Vihti) was a Finnish personality.

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Antero Kivi

Antero Kivi (April 15, 1904 Russian Empire-June 29, 1981) was a Finnish personality.

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Paavo Yrjölä

Paavo Yrjölä (June 18, 1902 Hämeenkyrö-February 11, 1980 Hämeenkyrö) otherwise known as Paavo Yrjola was a Finnish personality.

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Jussi Jalas

Jussi Jalas (June 23, 1908 Jyväskylä-October 11, 1985 Helsinki) a.k.a. Jalas, Jussi was a Finnish conductor.

His albums: The Complete Symphonies / Tone Poems.

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Olavi Ahonen

Olavi Ahonen (July 21, 1923 Tikkakoski-September 1, 2000 Helsinki) was a Finnish actor.

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Paavo Haavikko

Paavo Haavikko (January 25, 1931 Helsinki-October 6, 2008 Helsinki) also known as Paavo Juhani Haavikko was a Finnish playwright, writer, poet and author.

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Nils Katajainen

Nils Katajainen (May 31, 1919 Helsinki-January 16, 1997 Helsinki) was a Finnish personality.

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Hannes Häyrinen

Hannes Häyrinen (April 25, 1914 Jyväskylä-December 21, 1991 Helsinki) otherwise known as Johan Erik Högdahl, Hanski or Hannes "Hanski" Häyrinen was a Finnish actor, television director, screenwriter, film director and writer. He had one child, Marjukka Larsson.

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Fredrik Idestam

Fredrik Idestam (October 28, 1838 Häme Province-April 8, 1916 Helsinki) also known as Knut Fredrik Idestam was a Finnish engineer, businessperson and official.

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Erik Eriksson

Erik Eriksson (June 12, 1897 Dragsfjärd-May 21, 1975 Helsinki) was a Finnish athlete.

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Eila Pennanen

Eila Pennanen (February 8, 1916 Tampere-January 23, 1994 Tampere) also known as Säde Eila Talvikki Pennanen was a Finnish screenwriter.

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Esko Töyri

Esko Töyri (October 6, 1915 Helsinki-November 4, 1992 Kerava) a.k.a. Esko Törnroos or Esko Emil Töyri was a Finnish cinematographer, film director, actor and studio manager.

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