Finnish music stars died before age 40

Here are 22 famous musicians from Finland died before 40:

Paavo Airola

Paavo Airola (April 5, 2015-April 5, 1983) also known as Paavo O. Airola was a Finnish writer and nutritionist.

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Martti Lappalainen

Martti Lappalainen (April 11, 1902 Liperi-October 6, 1941) was a Finnish personality.

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Kalle Jalkanen

Kalle Jalkanen (May 10, 1907 Suonenjoki-September 5, 1941) was a Finnish personality.

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Jussi Kurikkala

Jussi Kurikkala (August 12, 1912 Kalajoki-March 10, 1951 Helsinki) was a Finnish personality.

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Olli Remes

Olli Remes (September 8, 1909 Iisalmi-December 31, 1942) was a Finnish personality.

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Eric Tigerstedt

Eric Tigerstedt (August 4, 1887 Helsinki-April 20, 1925 New York City) was a Finnish scientist, electrical engineer and engineer.

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Kimmo Nevonmaa

Kimmo Nevonmaa (May 10, 1960-September 18, 1996) was a Finnish personality.

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Akilles Järvinen

Akilles Järvinen (September 19, 1905 Jyväskylä-March 7, 1943 Tampere) also known as Akilles Jarvinen was a Finnish personality.

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Juha Widing

Juha Widing (July 4, 1947 Oulu-December 30, 1984 Kelowna) was a Finnish ice hockey player.

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Jorma Valkama

Jorma Valkama (October 4, 1928 Vyborg-December 11, 1962) a.k.a. Jorma Rainer Valkama was a Finnish personality.

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Ulf Grönholm

Ulf Grönholm (January 8, 1943-February 26, 1981) was a Finnish personality.

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Veikko Suominen

Veikko Suominen (May 5, 1948 Rauma-December 21, 1978 Tampere) was a Finnish personality.

He died as a result of suicide.

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Paavo Piironen

Paavo Piironen (June 6, 1943 Helsinki-November 6, 1974 Finland) also known as Paavo Paavali Piironen was a Finnish actor.

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Paula Björkqvist

Paula Björkqvist (January 3, 1975-July 17, 2006) was a Finnish personality.

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Antti Koivumäki

Antti Koivumäki (December 18, 1976 Espoo-April 5, 2015 Helsinki) was a Finnish songwriter, record producer and musician.

His related genres: Pop music, Rock music and Baroque pop.

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Rauli "Badding" Somerjoki

Rauli "Badding" Somerjoki (August 30, 1947 Somero-January 14, 1987 Helsinki) a.k.a. Rauli Somerjoki, Rauli Badding Somerjoki, Mannakorpi, Mauri, Somerjoki, Rauli "Badding" or Somerjoki, Rauli Badding was a Finnish singer.

His discography includes: Ikkunaprinsessa, Rauli Badding Somerjoki, Kaikki laulut, Laivat, Tähdet, tähdet, Täss on Rauli, moi!, , , and Muotokuva 1. Genres related to him: Schlager music, Rock and roll and Finnish rock.

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Urho Lehtovaara

Urho Lehtovaara (October 27, 1917 Pyhäjärvi-January 5, 1949 Suomusjärvi) was a Finnish personality.

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Tonmi Lillman

Tonmi Lillman (June 3, 1973 Kouvola-February 13, 2012) a.k.a. Tonmi Kristian Lillman, Otus or Lillman, Tonmi was a Finnish record producer, musician and graphic designer.

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Toivo Kuula

Toivo Kuula (July 7, 1883 Alavus-May 18, 1918) was a Finnish conductor.

Discography: Piano- ja urkuteokset / The Complete Piano & Organ Works, Suomi | Finland and .

He died in firearm.

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Aleksis Kivi

Aleksis Kivi (October 10, 1834 Nurmijärvi-December 31, 1872 Tuusula) was a Finnish novelist.

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Reko Lundán

Reko Lundán (April 2, 1969 Janakkala-October 27, 2006 Helsinki) also known as Reko Lundan was a Finnish presenter, author and screenwriter.

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Runar Schildt

Runar Schildt (October 26, 1888 Helsinki-September 29, 1925 Helsinki) otherwise known as Ernst Runar Schildt was a Finnish author and writer.

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