Finnish musicians died because of Cancer

Here are 1 famous musicians from Finland died in Cancer:

Tauno Palo

Tauno Palo (October 25, 1908 Hämeenlinna-May 24, 1982 Helsinki) a.k.a. Tauno Paloniemi, Tauno Valdemar Palo, Tauno Brännäs, Tauno Valdemar Brännäs or Brännäs, Paloniemi was a Finnish actor and singer. He had four children, Pertti Palo, Jukka-Pekka Palo, Martti Palo and Esko Salminen.

His albums include Tunteiden Palo (disc 1: 1967-1975), Unohtumattomat, , , , and .

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