French actors who were born in 1940

Here are 10 famous actors from France were born in 1940:

Jean-Luc Nancy

Jean-Luc Nancy (July 26, 1940 France-) is a French philosopher, writer and actor.

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Jacques Higelin

Jacques Higelin (October 18, 1940 Brou-sur-Chantereine-) also known as Jacque Higelin, Higelin, Jacques, Jacques Joseph Victor Higelin or Jacques Igelin is a French singer, singer-songwriter and actor. His children are called Ken Higelin, Arthur H and Izïa.

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Philippe Forquet

Philippe Forquet (September 27, 1940 Paris-) a.k.a. Philippe Forquet Viscount de Dorne is a French actor.

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Philippe Léotard

Philippe Léotard (August 28, 1940 Nice-August 25, 2001 Paris) also known as Philippe Leotard, Ange Philippe Paul André Léotard-Tomasi or Ange-Philippe Leotard was a French actor, poet, singer, film score composer and teacher. He had three children, Laetitia Léotard, Faustina Léotard and Frédéric Léotard.

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Jean-Marie Pallardy

Jean-Marie Pallardy (January 16, 1940 Auvergne-) also known as Boris Pradley, Boris Pradlay, Edward John Francis, Boris Pradlais, Jean M. Pallardy, Jean-Marie Pallody or John M. Pallardy is a French actor, screenwriter, film director, model and film producer.

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Antoine Saint-John

Antoine Saint-John (August 11, 1940 Avignon-) also known as Domingo Antoine, Jean-Michel Antoine, Antoine Michel, Michel Antoine, Antoine Saint Jean, Antoine Saint John, Antoine St John or Antoine St. John is a French actor.

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Just Jaeckin

Just Jaeckin (August 8, 1940 Vichy-) also known as Just Jackin or Just Jaekin is a French film director, writer, actor and screenwriter.

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Patrice Laffont

Patrice Laffont (August 21, 1940 Marseille-) is a French actor. He has two children, Axelle Laffont and Mathilde Laffont.

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Georges Poujouly

Georges Poujouly (January 20, 1940 Garches-October 28, 2000 Villejuif) was a French actor and voice actor.

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Jean-Jacques Debout

Jean-Jacques Debout (March 9, 1940 Paris-) a.k.a. Jean Jacques Debout, J.J. Debout or Debout, Jean-Jacques is a French actor, singer, composer and songwriter. He has two children, Clarisse Debout and Jean-Paul Debout.

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