French actors who deceased at age 35

Here are 2 famous actors from France died at 35:

Cyril Collard

Cyril Collard (December 19, 1957 Paris-March 5, 1993 Paris) also known as Collard, Cyril was a French writer, novelist and actor.

He died caused by hiv/aids.

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Patrick Dewaere

Patrick Dewaere (January 26, 1947 Saint-Brieuc-July 16, 1982 Paris) a.k.a. Patrick Maurin, Patrick Jean Marie Henri Bourdeaux, Patrick de Waƫre or Jean-Marie Patrick Bourdeaux was a French actor and film score composer. His children are called Angele Herry-Leclerc and Lola Dewaere.

He died caused by suicide.

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