French actors who deceased at age 53

Here are 11 famous actors from France died at 53:

Armand Kaliz

Armand Kaliz (October 23, 1887 Paris-February 1, 1941 Beverly Hills) a.k.a. Armand Kalisz was a French actor.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Jacques Villeret

Jacques Villeret (February 6, 1951 Loches-January 28, 2005 Évreux) also known as Jaques Villeret, Jacky Boufroura, Monsieur Villeret or Mohamed Boufroura was a French actor. He had one child, Alexandre Villeret.

He died in liver failure.

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Bourvil (July 27, 1917 Prétot-Vicquemare-September 23, 1970 Paris) also known as André Robert Raimbourg, André Bourvil or André Zacharie Raimbourg was a French singer and actor. He had two children, Dominique Raimbourg and Philippe Raimbourg.

He died in multiple myeloma.

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Jean Claude Gilles Colson

Jean Claude Gilles Colson (January 16, 1725-November 19, 1778) was a French actor.

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Jacques Becker

Jacques Becker (September 15, 1906 Paris-February 21, 1960 Paris) also known as J. de Beauker or Becker was a French film director, screenwriter and actor. His children are Jean Becker, Etienne Becker and Sophie Becker.

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René Leprince

René Leprince (April 5, 1876 Sathonay-May 25, 1929 France) was a French film director, actor and writer.

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Jacques Anquetil

Jacques Anquetil (January 8, 1934 Mont-Saint-Aignan-November 18, 1987 Rouen) was a French professional road racing cyclist and actor. He had one child, Sophie Anquetil.

He died as a result of stomach cancer.

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George Breakston

George Breakston (January 22, 1920 Paris-May 21, 1973 Paris) a.k.a. Georgie Breakston, George P. Breakston or George Paul Breakston was a French film director, actor, film producer, screenwriter, television producer and television director.

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Gérard Hérold

Gérard Hérold (September 10, 1939 Mulhouse-August 19, 1993 Paris) a.k.a. Gerard Herold was a French actor.

He died in heart failure.

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Xavier Gélin

Xavier Gélin (June 21, 1946 Paris-July 2, 1999 Paris) also known as Xavier Gelin was a French actor, film producer and screenwriter. He had one child, Hugo Gélin.

He died in cancer.

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Louis Mercanton

Louis Mercanton (April 5, 1879 Nyon-April 29, 1932 Paris) also known as Louis Samuel Eugène Mercanton was a French film director, actor and screenwriter. He had two children, Jacques Mercanton and Jean Mercanton.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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