French actors who deceased at age 76

Here are 19 famous actors from France died at 76:

Philippe Noiret

Philippe Noiret (October 1, 1930 Lille-November 23, 2006 Paris) also known as Philippe Pierre Fernand Noiret or Philippe Noiret Pierre Fernand was a French actor, comedian and voice actor. His child is called Frederique Noiret.

He died caused by cancer.

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Pierre Repp

Pierre Repp (November 5, 1909 Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise-November 1, 1986 Le Plessis-Trévise) also known as Pierre Alphonse Léon Frédéric Bouclet or Pierre Bouclet was a French actor and comedian.

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Marcel Duhamel

Marcel Duhamel (July 16, 1900-March 6, 1977) also known as M. Duhamel or Duhamel was a French actor.

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Roger Blin

Roger Blin (March 22, 1907 Neuilly-sur-Seine-January 21, 1984 Évecquemont) otherwise known as R. Blin was a French actor, theatre director and screenwriter.

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Georges Méliès

Georges Méliès (December 8, 1861 Paris-January 21, 1938 Paris) also known as Marie Georges Jean Méliès, Geo. Melies or Marie-Georges-Jean Méliès was a French film director, film producer, actor, screenwriter, production designer, illusionist, film editor, cinematographer, set designer, toy maker, salesman, filmmaker, costume designer, shoemaking, soldier, clerk and writer. He had two children, André Méliès and Georgette Méliès.

He died in cancer.

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Michel Baron

Michel Baron (October 8, 1653 Paris-December 22, 1729 Paris) was a French actor and playwright.

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Robert Berri

Robert Berri (December 16, 1912 Paris-November 22, 1989 Rueil-Malmaison) a.k.a. Robert Louis Berrier or Robert Berry was a French actor.

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Tino Rossi

Tino Rossi (April 29, 1907 Ajaccio-September 26, 1983 Neuilly-sur-Seine) also known as Constantin Rossi or T. Rossi was a French singer and actor.

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Maurice Teynac

Maurice Teynac (August 8, 1915 Paris-March 28, 1992 Paris) otherwise known as Maurice-Emmanuel-Marie Garros was a French actor.

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Alex Joffe

Alex Joffe (November 18, 1918 Alexandria-August 18, 1995 Paris) also known as Alex Jaffe, Alexandre Joffé or Alex Joffé was a French screenwriter, film director and actor. He had three children, Nina Joffe, Marion Joffe and Arthur Joffé.

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Gregori Chmara

Gregori Chmara (July 23, 1893 Poltava-February 3, 1970 Paris) also known as Grzegorz Chmara, Grégory Chmara, Gregory Chmara, Grigori Khmara, Grigori Khamara, Chmara or Grégory Ch'mara was a French actor.

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Jess Hahn

Jess Hahn (October 29, 1921 Terre Haute-June 29, 1998 Saint-Malo) a.k.a. Jesse Beryle Hahn, Jess Hann, Jesse Hahn or J. Hahn was a French actor and musician.

He died as a result of natural causes.

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Georges Péclet

Georges Péclet (July 27, 1897 La Brillanne-January 11, 1974 Marseille) a.k.a. G. Peclet, Georges Peclet, Peclet, George Piclet, Péclet or Prosper Désiré Péclet was a French film director, actor and screenwriter.

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Robert Vattier

Robert Vattier (October 2, 1906 Rennes-December 9, 1982 Nanterre) a.k.a. Robert Valtier, Vattier or R. Vattier was a French actor and comedian. He had one child, Bérangère Vattier.

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Émile Drain

Émile Drain (February 1, 1890 Paris-November 22, 1966 Paris) was a French actor.

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Gérard Lauzier

Gérard Lauzier (November 30, 1932 Marseille-December 6, 2008 Paris) a.k.a. Lauzier was a French screenwriter, film director and actor.

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Jacques Seiler

Jacques Seiler (March 16, 1928 Paris-April 1, 2004 Paris) also known as J. François Seiler, Jean-François Seiler or Jacques Seilers was a French actor.

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Pierre Maguelon

Pierre Maguelon (September 3, 1933 Labruguière-July 10, 2010 Perpignan) also known as Petit Bobo, Maurice Maguelon, Petit-Bobo or Maurice Couzinié was a French actor.

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Rivers Cadet

Rivers Cadet (March 1, 1892 Paris-November 1, 1968 Issy-les-Moulineaux) otherwise known as Cadet Rivers, Jean-Maurice Large, Rivers-Cadet or Rivers was a French actor.

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