French actors who deceased in 1992

Here are 10 famous actors from France died in 1992:

Jean Poiret

Jean Poiret (August 17, 1926 Paris-March 14, 1992 Suresnes) otherwise known as Jean Poiré, J. Poiret or Jean Gustave Poiré was a French screenwriter, author, film director, actor and playwright. His children are called Sylvie Poiret and Nicolas Poiret.

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Georges Delerue

Georges Delerue (March 12, 1925 Roubaix-March 20, 1992 Los Angeles) a.k.a. George Delerue, Georges DeLerue or The Mozart of cinema was a French film score composer, composer and actor. His child is called Claire Delerue.

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Youcca Troubetzkoy

Youcca Troubetzkoy (December 12, 1898 Los Angeles-April 22, 1992 Palm Beach) a.k.a. Nicolas Barclay, George Fairwood, Youcca Troubetskoy, Troubetzkoy or Youca Troubetzkoy was a French actor.

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André Maranne

André Maranne (November 27, 2014 Toulouse-November 27, 1992) otherwise known as Andre Maranne or André Gaston Maillol was a French actor.

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Jean-Claude Pascal

Jean-Claude Pascal (October 24, 1927 Paris-May 5, 1992 Paris) a.k.a. Pascal, Jean-Claude, Jean Claude Pascal or Jean-Claude Villeminot was a French singer, actor, fashion designer and costume designer.

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Maurice Teynac

Maurice Teynac (August 8, 1915 Paris-March 28, 1992 Paris) otherwise known as Maurice-Emmanuel-Marie Garros was a French actor.

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Jean Aurenche

Jean Aurenche (September 11, 1903 Pierrelatte-September 29, 1992 Bandol) a.k.a. J. Aurance or Jean-Marie Philippe Louis Charles Aurenche was a French screenwriter and actor.

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Jean Claudio

Jean Claudio (March 28, 1927 Neuilly-sur-Seine-January 10, 1992 Saint-Claude) a.k.a. Claudio or Claude Martin was a French actor.

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Louis Ducreux

Louis Ducreux (September 22, 1911 Marseille-December 19, 1992 Paris) otherwise known as Louis Raymond Bordat was a French actor, screenwriter, composer, theatre director and author.

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Léo Campion

Léo Campion (March 24, 1905 Paris-March 6, 1992) also known as Léon Louis Octave Campion was a French actor.

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