French actors who deceased in 2007

Here are 11 famous actors from France died in 2007:

Michel Serrault

Michel Serrault (January 24, 1928 Brunoy-July 29, 2007 Équemauville) otherwise known as Michel Lucien Serrault was a French actor. He had two children, Nathalie Serrault and Caroline Serrault.

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Jean-Claude Brialy

Jean-Claude Brialy (March 30, 1933 Sour El-Ghozlane-May 30, 2007 Monthyon) also known as Jean Claude Brialy, Montserrat, J.C. Brialy or Brialy was a French actor, film director, screenwriter, television director, singer and writer.

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Michel Roux

Michel Roux (July 22, 1929 Colombes-February 2, 2007 Paris) was a French actor and voice actor.

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Isidore Isou

Isidore Isou (January 31, 1925 Botoșani-July 28, 2007 Paris) a.k.a. Ioan-Isidor Goldstein, Jean-Isidore Golstein or Jean Isidore Isou was a French poet, film critic, visual artist, film director, actor and screenwriter.

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Raymond Pellegrin

Raymond Pellegrin (January 1, 1925 Nice-October 14, 2007 Garons) otherwise known as Raymond Pellegrín or Raymond Pellegrini was a French actor and voice actor. He had two children, Pascale Pellegrin and Danielle Pellegrin.

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Marcel Marceau

Marcel Marceau (March 22, 1923 Strasbourg-September 22, 2007 Cahors) also known as Marcel Mangel, Bip the Clown or Le Mime Marceau was a French actor and mime artist. He had four children, Aurélia Marceau, Camille Marceau, Baptiste Marceau and Michel Marceau.

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Philippe Clay

Philippe Clay (March 7, 1927 14th arrondissement of Paris-December 13, 2007 Issy-les-Moulineaux) also known as Clay, Philippe, Phillippe Clay, Philippe Mathevet or Phil Clay was a French singer, actor and mime artist.

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Jean-Pierre Cassel

Jean-Pierre Cassel (October 27, 1932 Paris-April 19, 2007 Paris) otherwise known as Jean-Pierre Crochon, Jean Pierre Cassel or J.P. Cassel was a French actor, screenwriter and television director. He had four children, Vincent Cassel, Olivia Cassel, Cecile Cassel and Rockin' Squat.

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Alain Payet

Alain Payet (January 17, 1947 Neuilly-sur-Seine-December 13, 2007 Paris) otherwise known as James Gartner, Frédéric Brazil, Sacha Kitrik, John Love, Alain Paillet, A. Payet, Jérémy Gold, René Ouaro, Rodney Yasuro, Jérémy Silver, John Oven, René Houaro, Renaud Chrisole, René Hoarau, Jean Pardaillan or Alan Payet was a French film director, screenwriter, actor and pornographic film actor.

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Serge Rousseau

Serge Rousseau (March 13, 1930 Aube-November 3, 2007) was a French actor. He had one child, Dominique Rousseau.

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Robert Rollis

Robert Rollis (March 14, 1921 Épinal-November 6, 2007) otherwise known as R. Rollis, Robert Rollys, Rollys or Robert Vasseux was a French actor.

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