French actors died because of Cardiac arrest

Here are 4 famous actors from France died in Cardiac arrest:

Maurice Chevalier

Maurice Chevalier (September 12, 1888 Ménilmontant-January 1, 1972 Paris) a.k.a. Maurice Auguste Chevalier, Maurice Chavalier or Mo was a French singer, actor, entertainer and dancer.

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François Périer

François Périer (November 10, 1919 Paris-June 28, 2002 Paris) also known as Francois Perier, Monsieur Périer, François Pillu, François Perier or François Gabriel Marie Pillu was a French actor. He had three children, Jean-Marie Périer, Jean-Pierre Périer-Pillu and Anne-Marie Périer.

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Pierre Kast

Pierre Kast (September 22, 1920 Paris-October 20, 1984 Clichy) was a French screenwriter, film director, television director and actor.

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Robert Dalban

Robert Dalban (July 19, 1903 Celles-sur-Belle-April 3, 1987 Paris) also known as Gaston Barré, R. Dalban, Robert d'Alban, Gaston Paul Barré or RQ was a French actor and voice actor. He had one child, Jean-François Dalban.

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