French actresses who were born in 1964

Here are 16 famous actresses from France were born in 1964:

Juliette Binoche

Juliette Binoche (March 9, 1964 Paris-) also known as Juliette B, La Binoche, Juliette Adrienne, Juliette or "La Binoche" is a French actor, dancer, artist, author, poet, designer, visual artist and voice actor. Her children are called Raphaël Hallé and Hana Magimel.

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Béatrice Dalle

Béatrice Dalle (December 19, 1964 Brest-) also known as Beatrice Dalle, Béatrice Cabarrou, La Grande Bouche or Beatrice Cabarrou is a French actor and model.

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Valeria Bruni Tedeschi

Valeria Bruni Tedeschi (November 16, 1964 Turin-) also known as Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, Valeria Bruni or Valéria Bruni-Tedeschi is a French actor, film director, screenwriter and film editor. She has one child, Celine Garrel.

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Zazie (April 18, 1964 Boulogne-Billancourt-) a.k.a. ザジ, Isabelle de Truchis de Varennes, Isabelle Marie Anne de Truchis de Varenne or Isabelle Marie Anne de Truchis de Varennes is a French singer, actor and composer.

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Emmanuelle Devos

Emmanuelle Devos (May 10, 1964 Puteaux-) is a French actor.

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Lydie Denier

Lydie Denier (April 15, 1964 Saint-Nazaire-) a.k.a. Lydia Denier or Lydie Dernier is a French model, actor and artist.

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Agnès Jaoui

Agnès Jaoui (October 19, 1964 Antony-) otherwise known as Agnes Jaoui, Jaoui, Agnès or Jaoui Szenaristin is a French screenwriter, film director, singer and actor.

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Muriel Mayette

Muriel Mayette (May 2, 1964 Paris-) is a French actor.

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Valérie Lemercier

Valérie Lemercier (March 9, 1964 Dieppe-) also known as Valerie Lemercier, Lemercier, Valérie, Valérie Lermercier or Valerie Lermercier is a French actor, film director, screenwriter, singer and comedian.

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Marie Bunel

Marie Bunel (May 27, 1964 Champigny-sur-Marne-) a.k.a. Marie-Laurence Bunel, Marie-Laure Bunel, Marie Laurence Bunel or Marie-Laurence Nathalie Bunel-Gourdy is a French actor.

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Noémie Lvovsky

Noémie Lvovsky (December 14, 1964 Paris-) otherwise known as Noémie is a French actor, screenwriter and film director.

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Claire Nebout

Claire Nebout (May 20, 1964 Bourg-la-Reine-) is a French actor. Her child is called Diego Taddeï.

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Corinne Masiero

Corinne Masiero (February 3, 1964 Douai-) also known as Corinne Masiéro is a French actor.

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Marie Sara

Marie Sara (June 27, 1964 Boulogne-Billancourt-) is a French actor and torero.

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Élise Tielrooy

Élise Tielrooy (January 11, 1964-) also known as Elise Tielrooy or Anne-Elise Tielrooy is a French actor.

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Yeardley Smith

Yeardley Smith (July 3, 1964 Paris-) also known as Martha Maria Yeardley Smith, Smith, Yeardley, Lisa Simpson, Yeardley Psycho Smith, Middle Seat/Stand-Up/Coach, Grave-Yeardley Smith, The Canker, Hoa, Yeardly Smith, The Dentist, Yowling Yeardley Smith, The Reaper, The Smith to Nowhere, The Lizard Queen, Scabby Yeardley Smith, Scudley Smith, Your Mom, The Artist F.K.A. Yeardley, Aeeiy Lmrdthys, CSI or Yard My Vaark is a French actor, painter, writer, voice actor and comedian.

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