French actresses who deceased at age 60

Here are 4 famous actresses from France died at 60:

Tina Aumont

Tina Aumont (February 14, 1946 Hollywood-October 28, 2006 Port-Vendres) also known as Maria Christina Aumont, Christina Marquand, Tina Marquand or Marie Christine Aumont was a French actor.

She died in pulmonary embolism.

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Rosita Marstini

Rosita Marstini (September 19, 1887 Nancy-April 24, 1948 Los Angeles) also known as Madame Paul Bourgeois, Mme. Bourgeois, Countess De Marstini, Madame Marie Marstini, Madame Marstini, Mme. Rosita Marstini, Risita Marstini, Countess de Merstina or Countess Rosita Marstini was a French dancer and actor.

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Suzanne Gabriello

Suzanne Gabriello (January 24, 1932 Paris-August 9, 1992 Paris) also known as Susanne Gabriello, Gabriello, Suzanne or Suzanne Yvonne Henriette Marie Galopet was a French singer and actor. She had three children, Marie Lauzin, Pascale Dubaile and Pierre Dubaile.

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Rose Dione

Rose Dione (October 22, 1875 Paris-January 29, 1936 Los Angeles) also known as Madamoiselle Dion, Rose Dion, Rosa Dione, Madame Dione, Mme. Rose Dione, Madame Rose or Madame Dion was a French actor.

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