French actresses who deceased at age 69

Here are 3 famous actresses from France died at 69:

Sophie Daumier

Sophie Daumier (November 24, 1934 Boulogne-sur-Mer-January 1, 2004 Paris) otherwise known as Elisabeth Hugon, Betty Daumier, Élisabeth Simonne Juliette Clémence Hugon or Betty Hugon was a French actor. Her children are Mélanie Bedos and Philippe Bedos.

She died as a result of huntington's disease.

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Germaine Aussey

Germaine Aussey (December 18, 1909 Paris-March 15, 1979 Geneva) also known as Germaine Agassis or Germaine Adrienne Agassiz was a French actor.

She died as a result of accident.

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Colette Ripert

Colette Ripert (January 17, 1930 Pernes-les-Fontaines-May 15, 1999 Paris) a.k.a. Colette Ripert-Clément was a French actor.

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