French actresses who deceased in 1974

Here are 4 famous actresses from France died in 1974:

Françoise Rosay

Françoise Rosay (April 19, 1891 Paris-March 28, 1974 Montgeron) otherwise known as Francoise Rosay, Frances Rosay, Rosay, Françoise Bandy de Nalèche or Françoise Bandy of Gilberte Nalèche was a French actor, opera singer and monologist. She had three children, Bernard Farrel, Paul Feyder and Marc Feyder.

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Florelle (August 9, 1898 Les Sables-d'Olonne-September 28, 1974 La Roche-sur-Yon) a.k.a. Odette Elisa Joséphine Marguerite Rousseau, Odette Florelle, Mlle Rousseau, Mademoiselle Rousseau, Mlle. Florelle or Florette, Odette was a French actor.

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Pauline Carton

Pauline Carton (July 4, 1884 Biarritz-June 17, 1974 Paris) a.k.a. Pauline Aimée Biarez, Carton, Pauline, Pauline Carton & René Koval or Pauline Carton & Rene Koval was a French actor.

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Marthe Vinot

Marthe Vinot (December 8, 1894 Paris-July 13, 1974 Paris) a.k.a. Marthe Lagrange, Marte d Lagrange or Marte d'Lagrange was a French actor. Her child is called Dominique Blanchar.

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