French actresses who deceased in 2004

Here are 10 famous actresses from France died in 2004:

Ludmilla Tchérina

Ludmilla Tchérina (October 10, 1924 Paris-March 21, 2004 Paris) also known as Ludmilla Tcherina, Monika Tchemerzin, Monique Audran, Ludmila Tchérina or Monique Tchemerzine was a French actor, ballet dancer, sculptor, painter, choreographer and author.

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Cathy Rosier

Cathy Rosier (January 2, 1945 Fort-de-France-May 17, 2004 Marrakesh) also known as Caty Rosier was a French model and actor.

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Irina Demick

Irina Demick (October 16, 1936 Pommeuse-October 8, 2004 Indianapolis) a.k.a. Yrina Demik, Irina Demich or Irina Dziemiach was a French actor.

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Simone Renant

Simone Renant (March 19, 1911 Amiens-March 29, 2004 Garches) also known as Georgette Simone Alexine Buigny, Simonne Renant or Georgette Simone Buigny was a French actor.

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Sophie Daumier

Sophie Daumier (November 24, 1934 Boulogne-sur-Mer-January 1, 2004 Paris) otherwise known as Elisabeth Hugon, Betty Daumier, Élisabeth Simonne Juliette Clémence Hugon or Betty Hugon was a French actor. Her children are called Mélanie Bedos and Philippe Bedos.

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Nelly Borgeaud

Nelly Borgeaud (November 29, 1931 Geneva-July 14, 2004 Bénévent-l'Abbaye) a.k.a. Nelly Borgéaud or Nellie Borgeaud was a French actor. Her child is called Isabelle Vincent.

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Madeleine Robinson

Madeleine Robinson (November 5, 1916 Paris-August 1, 2004 Lausanne) also known as Madeleine Yvonne Svoboda, Madeleine Svoboda or Yvonne Madeleine Svoboda was a French actor. She had two children, Jean-François Dalban and Sophie-Julia Jaubert.

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Renée Saint-Cyr

Renée Saint-Cyr (November 16, 1904 Beausoleil-July 11, 2004 Neuilly-sur-Seine) also known as Marie Louise Eugénie Vittore, Renée Saint Cyr, Renée St-Cyr or Marie-Louise Vittore was a French actor and film producer. She had one child, Georges Lautner.

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Liliane Maigné

Liliane Maigné (March 1, 1928 Paris-December 20, 2004 Limoges) also known as Giliane Maigne, Liliane Maigne or Lyliane Maigne was a French actor. Her children are called Xavier Tacchella and Bertrand Tacchella.

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Odette Laure

Odette Laure (February 28, 1917 Paris-June 10, 2004 Paris) was a French actor and screenwriter.

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