French actresses died because of Stroke

Here are 4 famous actresses from France died in Stroke:

Claudette Colbert

Claudette Colbert (September 13, 1903 Saint-Mandé-July 30, 1996 Speightstown) also known as Lily Claudette Chauchoin, Emilie Claudette Chauchoin, Lily, Émilie Chauchoin, Emilie Chauchoin, Émilie "Lily" Chauchoin or Lily Emilie Chauchoin was a French actor, comedian and singer.

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Simone Silva

Simone Silva (August 15, 1928 Cairo-November 30, 1957 London) also known as Martha Simone de Bouillard or Simone Sylva was a French actor.

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Odette Joyeux

Odette Joyeux (December 5, 1914 Paris-August 26, 2000 Ollioules) was a French screenwriter, actor, playwright and novelist. Her child is called Claude Brasseur.

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Anny Ondra

Anny Ondra (May 15, 1903 Tarnów-February 28, 1987 Hollenstedt) also known as Anna Sophie Ondrakova, Any Ondra, A. Ondráková, Anny Ondráková, Anna Ondráková or Anna Sophie Ondráková was a French actor and film producer.

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