French musicians who were born in 1911

Here are 7 famous musicians from France were born in 1911:

Rina Ketty

Rina Ketty (March 1, 1911 Turin-December 23, 1996 Cannes) was a French singer.

Her albums include Sombreros et Mantilles, Succès et raretés 1936-1939 and .

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Jean-Jacques Grunenwald

Jean-Jacques Grunenwald (February 2, 1911 Cran-Gevrier-December 19, 1982 Paris) also known as Jean-Jacques Grünenwald or J.J. Grunenwald was a French composer, film score composer, organist and architect.

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Jehan Alain

Jehan Alain (February 3, 1911 Saint-Germain-en-Laye-June 20, 1940) also known as Jehan-Ariste Alain, Jehan Artiste Alain or Alain, Jehan-Ariste was a French , .

His albums include Marie-Claire Alain joue Jehan Alain: Litanies/ Trois danses/ Suite pour orgue/ Intermezzo... and Complete works for organ, vol 2.

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Camille Maurane

Camille Maurane (November 29, 1911-January 21, 2010) also known as Maurane, Camille was a French singer.

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André Claveau

André Claveau (December 17, 1911 Paris-July 14, 2003 Brassac, Tarn-et-Garonne) also known as Andre Claveau, Claveau, André or André Cleveau was a French singer and actor.

His albums: 70 succès inoubliables and .

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René Cloërec

René Cloërec (May 31, 1911 Paris-December 13, 1995 Saint-Cloud) also known as Rene LeCloarec or René Albert Philippe Cloërec was a French film score composer and composer.

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Maurice Baquet

Maurice Baquet (May 26, 1911 Villefranche-sur-Saône-July 8, 2005 Noisy-le-Grand) also known as Baquet was a French actor, cellist and skier. His children are called Gregori Baquet, Sophie Baquet and Anne Baquet.

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