French musicians who were born in 1926

Here are 10 famous musicians from France were born in 1926:

Jean Poiret

Jean Poiret (August 17, 1926 Paris-March 14, 1992 Suresnes) otherwise known as Jean Poiré, J. Poiret or Jean Gustave Poiré was a French screenwriter, author, film director, actor and playwright. His children are called Sylvie Poiret and Nicolas Poiret.

His most well known albums: .

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Betsy Jolas

Betsy Jolas (August 5, 1926 Paris-) a.k.a. Jolas, Betsy is a French composer.

Related albums: Ventosum vocant.

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Francis Dhomont

Francis Dhomont (November 2, 1926 Paris-) also known as Dhomont, Francis is a French composer.

His discography includes: Frankenstein Symphony and . Genres he performed: Musique concrète.

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Pierre Villette

Pierre Villette (February 7, 1926 Duclair-March 6, 1998) a.k.a. Villette, Pierre was a French , .

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Robert Clary

Robert Clary (March 1, 1926 Paris-) also known as Robert Max Widerman or Clary, Robert is a French actor.

His albums: Robert Clary Sings At The Jazz Bakery In Los Angeles and Robert Clary Sings Rodgers, Hart & Mercer.

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Jacques Hilling

Jacques Hilling (May 22, 1926 Randwick-February 16, 1975 19th arrondissement) also known as Jacques Hiling was a French actor.

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Philippe Nicaud

Philippe Nicaud (June 27, 1926 Paris-April 19, 2009 Nice) was a French actor.

Discography: Érotico... Nicaud and C' Ex.

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Judith Magre

Judith Magre (November 20, 1926 Montier-en-Der-) also known as Simonne Dupuis or Simone Chambord is a French actor.

Her most important albums: .

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Sim (July 21, 1926 Cauterets-September 6, 2009 Saint-Raphaël) also known as Sim O'Connor or Simon Jacques Eugène Berryer was a French actor. He had one child, Laurence Berryer.

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Marc Aryan

Marc Aryan (November 14, 1926 Valence-November 30, 1985 Ohain) also known as Aryan, Marc was a French , .

His albums: 20 Chansons d'or, Volume 2.

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