French musicians who were born in 1932

Here are 19 famous musicians from France were born in 1932:

Delphine Seyrig

Delphine Seyrig (April 10, 1932 Beirut-October 15, 1990 Paris) also known as Delphine Claire Belriane Seyrig, Beltiane, La Nouvelle Garbo, The Royal Voice, Déesse, Delphine Claire Beltiane Seyrig or The Actress with the Cello Voice was a French actor, film director and theatre director. She had one child, Duncan Youngerman.

Her albums: Debussy / Ravel: Chamber Music and .

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Liliane Montevecchi

Liliane Montevecchi (October 13, 1932 Paris-) also known as Montevecchi or Liliane Montevecchi of the Ballet de Paris is a French singer, actor and dancer.

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Jean Michel Defaye

Jean Michel Defaye (September 18, 1932 Saint-Mandé-) a.k.a. Jean-Michel Defay, Defay, Jean-Michel, Jean-Michel Defaye or Defaye, Jean-Michel is a French composer.

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Michel Legrand

Michel Legrand (February 24, 1932 Bécon les Bruyères-) also known as Michael Legrand, Michel Jean Legrand, Michel le Grand or M.Legran is a French composer, film score composer, pianist, music arranger, conductor, actor, television director and screenwriter. His children are called Eugenie Angot, Benjamin Legrand, Dominique Rageys and Hervé Legrand.

His albums include The Windmills of Your Mind, Never Say Never Again, The Warm Shade of Memory, Big Band, Atlantic City, Ice Station Zebra, The Young Girls of Rochefort, Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, Peau d'âne and Legrand Jazz. Genres he performed include Film score.

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Jean-Marie Londeix

Jean-Marie Londeix (September 20, 1932 Libourne-) is a French , .

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Annie Fratellini

Annie Fratellini (November 14, 1932 Algiers-June 30, 1997 Neuilly-sur-Seine) otherwise known as Annie Violette Fratellini was a French clown, actor and singer. She had one child, Valérie Granier-Deferre.

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Alex Hassilev

Alex Hassilev (July 11, 1932 Paris-) is a French actor, musician, singer, record producer and songwriter.

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Francis Lai

Francis Lai (April 26, 1932 Nice-) a.k.a. F. Lai, Lai, Frances Lai, Francis Albert Lai, Francis Lay or Francis Laï is a French accordionist, film score composer, actor, musician and composer.

His albums: Emmanuelle 2, Le Passager de la pluie, Bilitis, Love Story, Sins, A Man And A Woman (Un Homme Et Une Femme), Vivre pour vivre / Un Homme et une femme, Bilitis And Other Love Stories, Dark Eyes and Un homme et une femme : vingt ans déjà. Genres he performed include Film score.

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Éliane Radigue

Éliane Radigue (January 24, 1932 Paris-) a.k.a. Radigue, Eliane or Eliane Radigue is a French composer. Her child is called Yves Arman.

Her albums: Mila's Journey Inspired by a Dream, Songs of Milarepa, Adnos I-III, Biogenesis, , Elemental II, Kyema, Intermediate States, Vice Versa, Etc..., Triptych and Transamorem - Transmortem. Genres: Ambient music.

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Jean-Paul Rappeneau

Jean-Paul Rappeneau (April 8, 1932 Auxerre-) also known as J.P. Rappeneau is a French screenwriter and film director. He has two children, Julien Rappeneau and Martin Rappeneau.

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Guy Lacour

Guy Lacour (June 8, 1932 Soissons-May 15, 2013) was a French , .

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Suzanne Gabriello

Suzanne Gabriello (January 24, 1932 Paris-August 9, 1992 Paris) also known as Susanne Gabriello, Gabriello, Suzanne or Suzanne Yvonne Henriette Marie Galopet was a French singer and actor. She had three children, Marie Lauzin, Pascale Dubaile and Pierre Dubaile.

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François Bayle

François Bayle (April 27, 1932 Toamasina-) also known as Francois Bayle or Bayle, François is a French composer.

His albums: Erosphere, L'Expérience Acoustique, Grande polyphonie, and . Genres related to him: Musique concrète.

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Roger Dumas

Roger Dumas (May 9, 1932 Annonay-) is a French actor.

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Magali Noël

Magali Noël (June 27, 1932 İzmir-) also known as Magali Noel, Magali Guiffrais, Magali Giuffra, Magali Noëlle Guiffray or Magali' Noel is a French singer and actor.

Her albums: Les Boites, La Coloquinte, Magali Noël chante Boris Vian, , , , , , Rock and Roll and .

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Jean-Jacques Sempé

Jean-Jacques Sempé (August 17, 1932 Bordeaux-) also known as Sempé, Jean-Jacques, Sempé, Sempé or Sempe is a French cartoonist, illustrator and writer.

His discography includes: , , and .

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Georges Garvarentz

Georges Garvarentz (April 1, 1932 Athens-March 19, 1993 Paris) otherwise known as George Garvarentz, George Garvarent, Georges Diram Wem or Georges Diran Garvarentz was a French composer and film score composer.

His albums include Les Galets d'Étretat, Musiques de Films and Killer Force / The Corrupt Ones. Genres he performed: Film score, Pop music and Chanson.

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Omar Sharif

Omar Sharif (April 10, 1932 Alexandria-) also known as Michel Demitri Shalhoub, Omar Chérif, Michael Shalhoub, Omar Shariff, Omar El-Cherif, Omar Cherif, Michel Shalhoub, Omar al-Sharif or Omar El-Sherif is a French actor and screenwriter. He has one child, Tarek Sharif.

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François Deguelt

François Deguelt (December 4, 1932 Tarbes-January 22, 2014 Draguignan) also known as Francois Deguelt or Deguelt, François was a French singer.

Genres he performed: Chanson.

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