French musicians who were born in 1959

Here are 22 famous musicians from France were born in 1959:

Michel Onfray

Michel Onfray (January 1, 1959 Argentan-) a.k.a. Onfray, Michel is a French philosopher.

His albums include .

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Éric Serra

Éric Serra (September 9, 1959 Saint-Mandé-) a.k.a. E. Serra, Serra, Serra, Éric or Eric Serra is a French songwriter, composer, record producer, film score composer and musician.

His albums: Le Dernier Combat, Subway, La Femme Nikita, Atlantis, Léon, The Fifth Element, Le Grand Bleu, La Musique des films, Jeanne d'Arc and RXRA.

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Vincent Lindon

Vincent Lindon (July 15, 1959 Boulogne-Billancourt-) is a French actor, screenwriter, film director and cinematographer. He has one child, Suzanne Lindon.

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Zabou Breitman

Zabou Breitman (October 30, 1959 Paris-) a.k.a. Isabelle Breitman, Zabou or La petite Isabelle is a French film director, actor, screenwriter and voice actor. Her children are called Anna Chalon and Antonin Chalon.

Her albums: , , and .

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Patrick Bruel

Patrick Bruel (May 14, 1959 Tlemcen-) a.k.a. Maurice Benguigui, Patrick Maurice Benguigui, Maurice Bruel-Benguigui, Patrick Benguigui or Patrick Bruel-Benguigui is a French singer, actor, professional poker player and composer. He has two children, Oscar Bruel and Léon Bruel.

His most well known albums: Si ce soir..., Des souvenirs devant ..., Alors regarde, Bruel, De Face, Entre deux à l'Olympia, Entre-deux..., Juste avant, On s'était dit... and Pour la vie (limited edition).

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Nicola Sirkis

Nicola Sirkis (June 22, 1959 Antony-) a.k.a. Sirkis, Nicola, Nicolas Sirchis or Nicolas Henri Didier Sirchis is a French singer, musician and songwriter.

His albums: Dans la lune.... Genres: Post-punk, Gothic rock and New Wave.

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Anne Ducros

Anne Ducros (December 1, 1959 Pas-de-Calais-) also known as Ducros, Anne is a French singer.

Her albums include Urban Tribe and Close Your Eyes.

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Didier Bourdon

Didier Bourdon (January 23, 1959 Algiers-) also known as Daniel Baroghel or Les Inconnus is a French actor, film director, screenwriter, composer and humorist. His children are called Célia Bourdon and Olivier Bourdon.

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Didier Squiban

Didier Squiban (September 23, 1959 France-) is a French , .

His albums: Molene, Porz Gwenn, Rozbras, 12 Images pour Piano, Symphonie Iroise, , Adarre, , Kimiad, La Plage and Jazz à Vauban.

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Lagaf' (October 30, 1959 Mont-Saint-Aignan-) also known as Vincent Rouil or Vincent Lagaf' is a French actor, singer, comedian and game show host.

His albums: En chansons, Bo le lavabo, Histoire d'en rire, Je veux des vacances, La Zoubida and La Zoubida.

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Olivier Rabourdin

Olivier Rabourdin (March 3, 1959 France-) is a French actor and writer.

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Antoine Duléry

Antoine Duléry (November 14, 1959 Paris-) otherwise known as Antoine Dullery is a French actor and screenwriter. He has two children, Raphaël Duléry and Lucien Duléry.

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Daniel Darc

Daniel Darc (May 20, 1959 Paris-February 28, 2013) also known as Daniel Rozoum or Darc, Daniel was a French musician.

Related albums: Crèvecœur, Le Meilleur de, Nijinsky, Amours suprêmes, , , , , Parce que and .

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Nguyên Lê

Nguyên Lê (January 14, 1959 Paris-) also known as Nguyen Le, Lê, Nguyên, Nguyen Lê or Nguyên Lê is a French film score composer.

His discography includes: Maghreb and Friends, Three Trios, Walking on the Tiger's Tail, Tales from Viêt-nam, PURPLE: Celebrating Jimi Hendrix, Saiyuki, Signature Edition 1, Miracles, Homescape and E_L_B. His related genres: Jazz and Jazz fusion.

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Antoine Hervé

Antoine Hervé (January 29, 1959 Paris-) a.k.a. Antoine Herve or Hervé, Antoine is a French , .

His albums: Inside: Piano Solo, Mozart, la nuit, Road Movie and I Mean You (Tribute to Thelonius Monk). Genres he performed include Jazz.

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Erick Benzi

Erick Benzi (March 1, 1959 Marseille-) is a French record producer, songwriter and composer.

Genres he performed include Pop music and French pop music.

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Catherine Dubosc

Catherine Dubosc (March 12, 1959 Lille-) otherwise known as Dubosc, Catherine or Catherine Dubose is a French singer and actor.

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Pascal Légitimus

Pascal Légitimus (March 13, 1959 Paris-) otherwise known as Les inconnus is a French screenwriter and actor.

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Patrick Timsit

Patrick Timsit (July 15, 1959 Algiers-) also known as Patrick Simon Timsit is a French actor, film director, screenwriter, humorist and comedian. He has one child, Lazard Timsit.

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Caroline von Paulus

Caroline von Paulus (October 8, 1959 Villeneuve-sur-Lot-) also known as Bambou, Caroline, Caroline Von Paulus or Bamboo is a French actor, model and singer. She has one child, Lucien Gainsbourg.

Her discography includes: J'ai pleuré le yang tsé, Nuits de Chine, Lulu, Hey Mister Zippo, Made in China and Ne dis rien.

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Louis Lortie

Louis Lortie (April 27, 1959 Montreal-) also known as Lortie, Louis or Louis Lortie, OC, CQ is a French pianist and musician.

Related albums: Music for Four Hands, Louis Lortie Plays Chopin, Volume 2, Louis Lortie Plays Liszt, Complete Piano Sonatas (Louis Lortie), Piano Concertos, Orchestral Works 2: Symphonic Variations / "Paganini" Variations / Piano Concerto / Symphony no. 4, The Complete Études, Mendelssohn – Piano Concertos 1 & 2 – Symphony No. 5, Piano Music, Volume 2 and Beethoven: Piano Sonatas, Opus 10, No. 1-3.

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Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe (June 24, 1959 France-) also known as Philippe, Louis or Louis Phillippe is a French , .

His most well known albums: Appointment With Venus, Delta Kiss, Sunshine, I Still Believe in You, My Favourite Part of You, The Wonder of It All, Azure, Yuri Gagarin, Rainfall and Ivory Tower. Genres he performed: Indie pop.

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