French musicians who were born in 1976

Here are 15 famous musicians from France were born in 1976:

Virginie Ledoyen

Virginie Ledoyen (November 15, 1976 Aubervilliers-) also known as Virginie Fernandez or Virginie Le Doyen is a French actor. She has two children, Lilias Soubrier and Isaac Elmaleh.

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Adeyto (December 3, 1976 Strasbourg-) a.k.a. Adeyto Rex Angeli, Laura Windrash or Laura Windrath is a French singer, actor, film director and photographer.

Genres she performed: Alternative rock, Art rock and French pop music.

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Martin Solveig

Martin Solveig (September 22, 1976 Paris-) also known as Martin Solvieg, Martin Picandet, Solveig, Martin, Martin Laurent Picandet or Sur La Terre is a French record producer, disc jockey and singer-songwriter.

His albums: Heart of Africa, Volume 1, Rejection, Sur la Terre, Suite, Rocking Music, I'm a Good Man, Hedonist, Everybody, So Far and C'est la Vie. Genres he performed: Deep house, House music, Tribal house, Funk, Pop music, Eurodance, Electronic music, Dubstep and Disco.

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Anaïs Croze

Anaïs Croze (August 20, 1976 Grenoble-) also known as Anais Croze, Anaïs or Anaïs Croze is a French singer.

Her albums: The Cheap Show, Mon coeur, mon amour, The Love Album, Live: Short Version, and Hellno Kitty.

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Booba (December 9, 1976 Sèvres-) a.k.a. Elie Yaffa, B2O, Kopp, Saddam Hauts de Seine, Le Duc de Boulogne or Garcimore is a French rapper, fashion designer and entrepreneur.

His albums: Ouest Side, Panthéon, Temps mort, 0.9, Autopsie Vol. 2, Autopsie Vol. 3, Destinée, Lunatic, Picking Up the Pieces and Double Poney. Genres he performed include Gangsta rap and French hip hop.

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Vincent Delerm

Vincent Delerm (August 31, 1976 Évreux-) also known as Delerm, Vincent is a French singer.

His discography includes: Vincent Delerm, Kensington Square, Les piqûres d'araignée, Quinze chansons, Favourite Songs, À la Cigale, , , and . Genres related to him: Pop music.

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Sébastien Chabal

Sébastien Chabal (December 8, 1976 Valence-) is a French , .

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William Roussel

William Roussel (February 17, 1976-) a.k.a. Meyhna'ch, Wil Lord Meyhna'ch, Melancholic Lord of Torments or Guru Deadlock is a French musician and songwriter.

Genres: Black metal and Dark ambient.

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Sophie Quinton

Sophie Quinton (August 31, 1976 Villedieu-les-Poêles-) otherwise known as Quinton Sophie is a French actor.

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Elisa Tovati

Elisa Tovati (March 23, 1976 Paris-) also known as Elisa Touati, Elisa Tonati or Élisa Touati is a French singer, actor and composer. She has two children, Leo Saussez and Joseph Saussez.

Her albums: Ange Étrange, Le syndrome de Peter Pan, Je ne mâche pas les mots and .

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DJ Falcon

DJ Falcon (January 2, 1976 Paris-) also known as Stéphane Quême is a French disc jockey and record producer.

His albums include Hello My Name Is DJ Falcon. Genres: House music.

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Thomas Mars

Thomas Mars (November 21, 1976 Versailles-) otherwise known as Thomas Croquet, Phoenix or Thomas Pablo Croquet is a French singer, actor, songwriter and musician. His children are called Romy Mars and Cosima Mars.

Genres he performed include Alternative rock.

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Luciano Supervielle

Luciano Supervielle (October 30, 1976 Paris-) also known as Supervielle is a French musician and film score composer.

His albums: Bajofondo Tango Club: Supervielle en el Solís, Supervielle and .

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Mokobé (May 24, 1976 Vitry-sur-Seine-) also known as Mokobé Traoré is a French rapper.

His most recognized albums: Africa and Africa Forever.

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Féfé (January 18, 1976 Clichy-) also known as Feniksi or Samuël Adebiyi is a French rapper, singer and songwriter.

Related albums: and .

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