French musicians who were born in 1981

Here are 22 famous musicians from France were born in 1981:

Admiral T

Admiral T (March 29, 1981 Guadeloupe-) also known as Admiral T. or Christy Campbell is a French singer, actor, singer-songwriter, disc jockey, record producer, designer and rapper.

His albums include Toucher l'horizon, Gwadada, Mozaik Kreyol, Instinct Admiral, Face B, , Gangsta, I Am Christy Campbell and I Am Chritsy Campbell. Genres related to him: Reggae and Dancehall.

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Clara Morgane

Clara Morgane (January 25, 1981 Marseille-) also known as Emmanuelle Aurélie Munos, Emmanuelle Aurélie Munos or Morgane, Clara is a French pornographic film actor, singer and presenter.

Her albums: J'aime, Sexy Girl, DéCLARAtions, Nuits Blanches and So Excited.

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Najoua Belyzel

Najoua Belyzel (December 15, 1981 Nancy-) also known as Belyzel, Najoua or Najoua Mazouri is a French singer.

Her albums: Entre deux mondes, GABRIEL, Je ferme les yeux, Quand revient l'été, La Bienvenue, Comme toi, Au féminin and Rendez-vous. Genres related to her: Pop rock and Electronic music.

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Julie Zenatti

Julie Zenatti (February 5, 1981 Paris-) also known as Zenatti, Julie is a French singer and songwriter.

Her albums include Fragile, Dans les yeux d'un autre, Comme vous..., La vie fait ce qu'elle veut, La Boîte de Pandore, , , , and . Genres related to her: French pop music.

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Victoria Legrand

Victoria Legrand (May 28, 1981 Paris-) otherwise known as Legrand, Victoria is a French musician, songwriter, singer and singer-songwriter.

Her related genres: Dream pop and Indie rock.

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Myriam Abel

Myriam Abel (May 15, 1981 France-) also known as Abel, Myriam is a French singer and singer-songwriter.

Her albums: Donne and La vie devant toi. Genres she performed: Soul music, Dance-pop and Contemporary R&B.

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Lise Darly

Lise Darly (December 27, 1981 Nice-) is a French singer.

Her most important albums: . Genres she performed include Pop music.

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Damien Sargue

Damien Sargue (June 26, 1981 Caen-) a.k.a. Sargue, Damien is a French singer.

His albums: Cecilia Cara / Romeo & Juliette : L'integrale (disc 1), Roméo & Juliette : Les Rois du monde and Roméo et Juliette : Aimer.

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Mélanie Thierry

Mélanie Thierry (July 17, 1981 Saint-Germain-en-Laye-) also known as Melaine Thierry or Mélanie Thiérry is a French model and actor. She has two children, Roman Haroche and Aliocha Haroche.

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Léo Margarit

Léo Margarit (November 1, 1981-) is a French songwriter and musician.

Genres: Heavy metal, Jazz and Fusion.

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Breakbot (October 5, 1981 France-) a.k.a. Thibault Berland is a French , .

His albums: Baby I'm Yours, Happy Rabbit, Happy Rabbit, Fantasy, One Out of Two, By Your Side and You Should Know. Genres related to him: Funk, Electro, French house, Synthpop, Nu-disco, Disco, Electro house and Boogie.

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Florent Mothe

Florent Mothe (May 13, 1981 Argenteuil-) is a French singer, actor, musician and composer.

Related albums: and Génération Goldman.

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Brice Catherin

Brice Catherin (October 16, 1981 Brussels-) is a French , .

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Melissa Mars

Melissa Mars (September 3, 1981 Marseille-) also known as Mars, Melissa, Melissa Maylee or Melissa Sefrani is a French actor, singer and singer-songwriter.

Her discography includes: La reine des abeilles, Et alors !, Papa m'aime pas, À la recherche de l'amour perdu, Love Machine (remixes), 1980, La Reine des Abeilles (2006) and .

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Mario Duplantier

Mario Duplantier (June 19, 1981 France-) also known as Duplantier, Mario is a French songwriter.

Genres: Technical death metal, Groove metal, Progressive metal and Thrash metal.

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Soan (May 4, 1981 France-) also known as Soan Faya or Faya, Soan is a French , .

His albums include ... tant pis and . Genres related to him: Pop music.

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La Fouine

La Fouine (December 25, 1981 Trappes-) also known as Laounni Mouhid, Laouni Mouhid or Fouiny Baby is a French rapper, actor, singer and music executive.

His most well known albums: Mes repères, Aller retour, Bourré Au Son, 78 Planète Trappes, , , Chips, Drôle de parcours, and . Genres he performed include Hip hop music, Gangsta rap, Rhythm and blues and French hip hop.

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Antoine Aureche

Antoine Aureche (December 4, 1981 Annecy-) is a French musician, composer, record producer and singer.

Genres: Electro, Experimental music and Progressive rock.

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Kevin Codfert

Kevin Codfert (July 4, 1981-) is a French musician.

His related genres: Progressive metal, Neoclassical metal and Symphonic metal.

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SebastiAn (February 3, 1981 Boulogne-sur-Mer-) also known as Sebastian Akchoté, Sebastian Akchoté-Bozovic, Sebastian, Seb or Sebastián is a French disc jockey, songwriter, composer, record producer, electronic musician and film score composer.

His albums include Ross Ross Ross, Smoking Kills(?), Motor, Notre Jour Viendra OST, Total, Remixes, C.T.F.O., The EP Collection, Embody and Love in Motion. Genres he performed: Electro, Electronica, Electronic music, Alternative dance, Experimental music, Electronic dance music, French house, Industrial music, Avant-garde music, Hip hop music, House music, Glitch and Electro house.

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Jérôme Leroy

Jérôme Leroy (September 2, 1981 Paris-) is a French composer, conductor, film score composer and orchestrator.

Genres related to him: Film score and Classical music.

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Sefyu (April 20, 1981 Goutte d'Or-) also known as Youssef Soukouna is a French rapper.

His discography includes: , Molotov 4, La Légende, Qui suis-je?, Suis-je le gardien de mon frère ?, , and 5 Minutes.

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