French music stars who deceased at age 37

Here are 7 famous musicians from France died at 37:

Jean-Baptiste Louvet de Couvrai

Jean-Baptiste Louvet de Couvrai (June 12, 1760 Paris-August 25, 1797) was a French novelist.

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Ernest Duchesne

Ernest Duchesne (May 30, 1874 Paris-April 12, 1912) also known as Dr. Ernest Duchesne was a French physician.

He died caused by tuberculosis.

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Théodore Chassériau

Théodore Chassériau (September 20, 1819 Samaná Province-October 8, 1856 Paris) also known as Theodore Chasseriau was a French personality.

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Lolo Ferrari

Lolo Ferrari (February 9, 1963 Clermont-Ferrand-March 5, 2000 Grasse) also known as Eve Valois or Ève Geneviève Aline Valois was a French pornographic film actor.

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Guillaume Depardieu

Guillaume Depardieu (April 7, 1971 14th arrondissement of Paris-October 13, 2008 Garches) also known as Guillaume Jean Maxime Antoine Depardieu or Guillaume was a French actor. He had one child, Louise Depardieu.

His albums: Post Mortem.

He died as a result of pneumonia.

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Marcel Schwob

Marcel Schwob (August 23, 1867 Chaville-February 12, 1905 Paris) was a French novelist.

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Sophie Ristaud Cottin

Sophie Ristaud Cottin (March 22, 1770 France-August 25, 1807 Paris) otherwise known as Cottin was a French writer and novelist.

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