French music stars who deceased at age 52

Here are 8 famous musicians from France died at 52:

François Truffaut

François Truffaut (February 6, 1932 Paris-October 21, 1984 Neuilly-sur-Seine) a.k.a. Francois Truffaut, François Roland Truffaut, F. Truffaut, François, Le Petit Caporal or La Truffe was a French film director, actor, screenwriter, film producer and film critic. He had three children, Eva Truffaut, Joséphine Truffaut and Laura Truffaut.

He died in brain tumor.

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Pierre Drieu La Rochelle

Pierre Drieu La Rochelle (January 3, 1893 Paris-March 15, 1945 Paris) also known as Drieu La Rochelle or Pierre Eugène Drieu La Rochelle was a French writer and novelist.

He died as a result of suicide.

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Nicolas Toussaint Charlet

Nicolas Toussaint Charlet (December 20, 1792 Paris-October 30, 1845) was a French personality.

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Ernest-Aimé Feydeau

Ernest-Aimé Feydeau (March 16, 1821 Paris-October 27, 1873 Paris) also known as Ernest-Aime Feydeau was a French novelist. He had one child, Georges Feydeau.

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Charles-François Tiphaigne de la Roche

Charles-François Tiphaigne de la Roche (February 19, 1722-August 11, 1774) also known as Charles Francois Tiphaigne de la Roche, Charles-Francois Tiphaigne de la Roche or Tiphaigne de la Roche was a French novelist.

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Jean Mathieu de Chazelles

Jean Mathieu de Chazelles (July 24, 1657 Lyon-January 16, 1710) was a French scientist.

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Jules Vallès

Jules Vallès (June 10, 1832 Puy-February 14, 1885 Paris) also known as Jules Valles was a French journalist and novelist. His child is Jeanne-Marie Vallès.

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Antoine Christophe Saliceti

Antoine Christophe Saliceti (August 26, 1757 Saliceto, Haute-Corse-December 23, 1809) was a French lawyer.

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