German actors who were born in 1923

Here are 12 famous actors from Germany were born in 1923:

Horst Tappert

Horst Tappert (May 26, 1923 Elberfeld-December 13, 2008 Planegg) also known as Horst Tapper was a German actor. He had three children, Gary Tappert, Ralph Tappert and Karin Tappert.

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Vicco von Bülow

Vicco von Bülow (November 12, 1923 Brandenburg an der Havel-August 22, 2011 Münsing) also known as Bernhard Victor Christoph-Carl von Bulow, Vicco von Bulow, Bernhard Victor Christoph-Carl von Bülow, Vicco von Bülow 'Loriot', Loriot or Bernhard Victor Christoph Carl von Bülow was a German film director, actor, cartoonist, television director, screenwriter, author, theatre director and costume designer. His children are called Bettina von Bülow and Susanne von Bülow.

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Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger (May 27, 1923 Fürth-) also known as Henry A. Kissinger, Henry A Kissinger, Dr. Henry A. Kissinger, Heinz Alfred Kissinger, Dr. Henry Kissinger, Heinz Alfred "Henry" Kissinger or Henry Alfred Kissinger is a German politician, businessperson, diplomat, author, statesman, reconnaissance, soldier, teacher and actor. He has two children, David Kissinger and Elizabeth Kissinger.

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Friedrich W. Bauschulte

Friedrich W. Bauschulte (March 17, 1923 Münster-May 28, 2003 Berlin) also known as Friedrich Bauschulte was a German actor.

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Heinz Drache

Heinz Drache (February 9, 1923 Essen-April 3, 2002 Berlin) was a German actor. He had one child, Angelica Drache.

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Willy Semmelrogge

Willy Semmelrogge (March 15, 1923 Berlin-April 10, 1984 Berlin) a.k.a. Willi Semmelrogge was a German actor. He had two children, Martin Semmelrogge and Joachim Bernhard.

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Carl Duering

Carl Duering (May 29, 1923 Berlin-) a.k.a. Carl Fox-Duering, Carl Fox Duering or Karl Duering is a German actor.

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Erwin Leiser

Erwin Leiser (May 16, 1923 Berlin-August 22, 1996 Zürich) was a German television director, film director, screenwriter and actor.

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Hellmut Lange

Hellmut Lange (January 19, 1923 Berlin-January 13, 2011 Berlin) a.k.a. Hellmuth Lange, Helmuth Lange or Helmut Lange was a German actor.

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Heinz Bernard

Heinz Bernard (December 22, 1923 Nuremberg-December 18, 2013 London) also known as Heinz Lowenstein or Heinz Bernhard was a German actor.

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Hans-Joachim Preil

Hans-Joachim Preil (June 26, 1923 Koszalin-November 2, 1999 Berlin) also known as Herricht & Preil was a German actor, screenwriter, film director and television director.

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Wolfgang Neuss

Wolfgang Neuss (December 3, 1923 Wrocław-May 5, 1989 Berlin) also known as Neuss, Wolfgang or Hans Otto Wolfgang Neuss was a German actor and screenwriter.

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