German actors who were born in 1932

Here are 10 famous actors from Germany were born in 1932:

Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter (February 9, 1932 Dresden-) is a German visual artist, artist, painter and actor. He has one child, Betty Richter.

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Helmut Griem

Helmut Griem (April 6, 1932 Hamburg-November 19, 2004 Munich) was a German actor and theatre director.

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Bruno Schleinstein

Bruno Schleinstein (June 2, 1932 Berlin-August 11, 2010 Berlin) also known as Bruno S. was a German artist, musician, actor and visual artist.

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Gerd Baltus

Gerd Baltus (March 29, 1932 Bremen-) is a German actor. He has one child, Philipp Baltus.

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Stefan Wigger

Stefan Wigger (March 26, 1932 Leipzig-February 13, 2013) was a German actor.

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Siegfried Rauch

Siegfried Rauch (April 2, 1932 Landsberg am Lech-) also known as Friedl smoke, Sigi or Friedl Rauch is a German actor. His children are called Benedikt Rauch and Jakob Rauch.

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Charles Paul Wilp

Charles Paul Wilp (September 15, 1932 Witten-January 2, 2005 Düsseldorf) a.k.a. Charles Wilp, Wilp, Charles or Charles M. Wilp was a German photographer, actor, artist, film editor and visual artist.

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Wolfgang Reichmann

Wolfgang Reichmann (January 7, 1932 Bytom-May 7, 1991 Waltalingen) also known as Reichmann, Wolfgang was a German actor.

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Thomas Alder

Thomas Alder (January 1, 1932 Murnau am Staffelsee-May 6, 1968 Munich) also known as Anton Straßmair was a German actor.

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Hartmut Reck

Hartmut Reck (November 17, 1932 Berlin-January 30, 2001 Nienburg) was a German actor and voice actor.

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