German actors who were born in 1950

Here are 8 famous actors from Germany were born in 1950:

Mathieu Carrière

Mathieu Carrière (August 2, 1950 Hanover-) a.k.a. Mathieu Carriere or Mathieu Carriére is a German actor, screenwriter and musician. His children are called Elena Carrière and Alice Carrière.

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Michael Tregor

Michael Tregor (September 10, 1950 Santiago-) is a German actor.

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Rio Reiser

Rio Reiser (January 9, 1950 Berlin-August 20, 1996 Stadum) a.k.a. Ralph Christian Mobius, Ralph Christian Möbius, R. Reiser or Rio de Galaxis was a German singer, musician, actor, film score composer, composer and songwriter.

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Thomas Gottschalk

Thomas Gottschalk (May 18, 1950 Bamberg-) also known as Thomas Johannes Gottschalk, Gottschalk, Thomas or GLS United is a German presenter, actor, screenwriter, radio personality and teacher. He has two children, Roman Gottschalk and Tristan Gottschalk.

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Bernd Tauber

Bernd Tauber (May 7, 1950 Göppingen-) is a German actor.

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Georg Preuße

Georg Preuße (August 24, 1950 Germany-) otherwise known as Morgan, Mary, Mary Morgan or Mary is a German actor.

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Hugo Egon Balder

Hugo Egon Balder (March 22, 1950 Berlin-) also known as Balder, Hugo Egon is a German presenter and actor.

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Axel Siefer

Axel Siefer (November 30, 1950-) also known as Axel Seifer is a German actor.

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