German actors who were born in 1965

Here are 17 famous actors from Germany were born in 1965:

Uwe Boll

Uwe Boll (June 22, 1965 Wermelskirchen-) also known as Dr. Uwe Boll, Senor Bollo, The Master of Error, Ewe Boll or The Raging Boll is a German film producer, film director, screenwriter, actor and author.

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Oliver Rohrbeck

Oliver Rohrbeck (March 21, 1965 Berlin-) also known as Rohrbeck, Oliver is a German actor and voice actor.

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Bob Schneider

Bob Schneider (October 12, 1965 Ypsilanti-) a.k.a. Schneider, Bob is a German musician, singer-songwriter, film score composer and actor.

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Rudolf von Waldenfels

Rudolf von Waldenfels (April 26, 1965 Jülich-) is a German actor and writer.

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Ercan Durmaz

Ercan Durmaz (August 16, 1965 Istanbul-) also known as Erçan Durmaz is a German actor.

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Jens Winter

Jens Winter (May 26, 1965 Germany-) is a German actor.

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Manuel Andrack

Manuel Andrack (June 23, 1965 Cologne-) is a German television producer and actor.

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Oliver Broumis

Oliver Broumis (July 31, 1965 Hanover-) is a German actor.

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Thomas Jahn

Thomas Jahn (July 9, 1965 Hückelhoven-) a.k.a. Tom Jahn is a German television director, film director, screenwriter, film editor, actor, television editor, cinematographer and film producer.

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Alexander Hacke

Alexander Hacke (October 11, 1965 Neukölln-) also known as Alex Hacke, Alexander von Borsig, von Borsig, Alexander, A. Hacke, Hacke or Jever Mountain Boys is a German musician, record producer, actor, film score composer and singer. He has two children, Joshua Hacke and Lulu Hacke.

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Markus Knüfken

Markus Knüfken (August 18, 1965 Essen-) a.k.a. Markus Knuefken or Marcos Knüfken is a German actor.

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Rainer Strecker

Rainer Strecker (October 25, 1965 Stuttgart-) is a German actor and film director. He has one child, Linus Strecker.

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Thure Riefenstein

Thure Riefenstein (October 11, 1965 Langenau-) also known as Thure D. Riefenstein is a German actor, screenwriter and film director. He has one child, Paris Riefenstein.

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Thomas Ohrner

Thomas Ohrner (June 3, 1965 Munich-) otherwise known as Thomy Ohrner or Tommi Ohrner is a German actor, singer and presenter. His children are called Patrick Ohrner, Fabian Ohrner, Pauline Ohrner and Luisa Ohmer.

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Oliver Kalkofe

Oliver Kalkofe (September 12, 1965 Hanover-) also known as Oliver Kalkhofe or Kalk is a German actor, comedian and voice actor.

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Marcus D'Amico

Marcus D'Amico (December 4, 1965 Frankfurt-) is a German actor.

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Waléra Kanischtscheff

Waléra Kanischtscheff (November 12, 1965 Lviv-) also known as Walera Kanischtscheff, Walèra Kanischtscheff, Waléra Pawlowitsch Kanischtscheff, Valerij Konishev, Walera Putiloff, Waléra or Putiloff is a German actor and voice actor.

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