German actors who deceased at age 68

Here are 14 famous actors from Germany died at 68:

Lothar Müthel

Lothar Müthel (February 18, 1896 Berlin-September 4, 1964 Frankfurt) also known as Lothar Max Müthel or Lothar Max Lütcke was a German actor and film director. He had one child, Lola Müthel.

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Günter Meisner

Günter Meisner (April 18, 1926 Bremen-December 5, 1994 Berlin) also known as Gunter Meisner, Guenter Meisner, Günter Meissner, Günther J. Meissner, Gunther Meisner, Günther Meisner or Günther Meissner was a German actor.

He died caused by heart failure.

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Werner Klingler

Werner Klingler (October 23, 1903 Stuttgart-June 23, 1972 Berlin) also known as Warner Klinger or Wally Klinger was a German actor, film director, television director and screenwriter.

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Klaus Schwarzkopf

Klaus Schwarzkopf (December 18, 1922 Neuruppin-June 21, 1991 Bochum) was a German actor and voice actor.

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Albert Florath

Albert Florath (December 7, 1888 Bielefeld-March 11, 1957 Gaildorf) also known as Albert Peter Adam Florath was a German actor.

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Michael Hinz

Michael Hinz (December 28, 1939 Berlin-November 6, 2008 Munich) also known as Adelheid Hinz was a German actor and voice actor. His children are called Carolin van Bergen, Patrick Hinz and Viviane Hinz.

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Peter Erkelenz

Peter Erkelenz (September 12, 1897 Neuss-April 1, 1966 Brooklyn) was a German actor.

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Gerard Heinz

Gerard Heinz (January 2, 1904 Hamburg-November 20, 1972 London) also known as Gerard Hinze or Gerhard Hinze was a German actor. His child is Ernest Heinz.

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Ernst Hausman

Ernst Hausman (June 3, 1916 Leipzig-June 11, 1984 Vienna) also known as Ernst Haeussermann, Ernst Häussermann, Ernst Haeusserman, Ernst Heinz Häussermann, Ernst [Heinz] Häussermann or Ernst Häusermann was a German actor, film director and theatre director.

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Gerhard Kempinski

Gerhard Kempinski (April 5, 2015 Germany-February 14, 1947 London) also known as Kempinski, Ernst Gerhardt Kempinski, Gerrard Kempinski or Gerard Kempinski was a German actor.

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Philipp Lothar Mayring

Philipp Lothar Mayring (September 19, 1879 Würzburg-July 6, 1948 Leipzig) also known as Philip Lothar, Mayrig, L.M. Mayring, Lothar Mayring, Philip Lothar Mayring or Ph. L. Mayring was a German screenwriter, film director and actor.

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Hartmut Reck

Hartmut Reck (November 17, 1932 Berlin-January 30, 2001 Nienburg) was a German actor and voice actor.

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Helmuth M. Backhaus

Helmuth M. Backhaus (June 6, 1920 Bonn-May 5, 1989 Munich) a.k.a. Gregor Trass or Helmut Backhaus was a German actor, screenwriter and film director.

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Werner Stock

Werner Stock (October 20, 1903 Sangerhausen-April 30, 1972 Berlin) also known as Werner Bruno Wilhelm Hermann Stock was a German actor.

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