German actors who deceased at age 76

Here are 17 famous actors from Germany died at 76:

Eduard Devrient

Eduard Devrient (August 11, 1801 Berlin-October 4, 1877 Karlsruhe) also known as Eduard Devrient or Philipp Eduard Devrient was a German actor, librettist, playwright, theatre director and singer.

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Paavo Hukkinen

Paavo Hukkinen (October 27, 1911 Hanover-June 7, 1988 Helsinki) otherwise known as Paul Yrjö Untamo Hukkinen or Paul Hukkinen was a German actor.

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Gerhard Lamprecht

Gerhard Lamprecht (October 6, 1897 Berlin-May 4, 1974 Berlin) also known as Pilar was a German film director, screenwriter, film producer, actor, dramaturge and film historian.

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Hansjörg Felmy

Hansjörg Felmy (January 31, 1931 Berlin-August 24, 2007 Eching) also known as Hansjoerg Felmy, Hans-Jörg Felmy or Jorg Felmy was a German actor.

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Otto Gebühr

Otto Gebühr (May 29, 1877 Kettwig-March 14, 1954 Wiesbaden) was a German actor and film producer.

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Werner Finck

Werner Finck (May 2, 1902 Görlitz-July 31, 1978 Munich) a.k.a. Finck, Werner or Werner Fink was a German comedian, actor, author and screenwriter.

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Ullrich Haupt

Ullrich Haupt (October 10, 1915 Chicago-November 23, 1991 Munich) was a German actor.

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Gregori Chmara

Gregori Chmara (July 23, 1893 Poltava-February 3, 1970 Paris) also known as Grzegorz Chmara, Grégory Chmara, Gregory Chmara, Grigori Khmara, Grigori Khamara, Chmara or Grégory Ch'mara was a German actor.

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Fritz Alberti

Fritz Alberti (October 22, 1877 Hanau-September 15, 1954 Berlin) was a German actor, voice actor and teacher.

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Frederick Jaeger

Frederick Jaeger (May 29, 1928 Berlin-June 18, 2004 Majorca) also known as Manfred Frederick Jaeger or Frederick Jaegar was a German actor.

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Volker von Collande

Volker von Collande (November 21, 1913 Dresden-October 29, 1990 Hanover) a.k.a. Volker v. Collande or Volker Hubertus Valentin Maria von Mitschke-Collande was a German actor, film director and screenwriter. His child is called Nora von Collande.

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Bobby Todd

Bobby Todd (June 22, 1904 Hinterzarten-September 7, 1980 Turin) also known as Hans Karl Rohrer was a German actor.

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Erwin Kohlund

Erwin Kohlund (December 23, 1915 Dortmund-March 1, 1992 Stäfa) was a German actor and theatre director. He had two children, Christian Kohlund and Franziska Kohlund.

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Albert Lippert

Albert Lippert (December 17, 1901 Oldenburg-February 21, 1978 Schlehdorf) was a German actor.

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Hubert Moest

Hubert Moest (December 3, 1877 Cologne-December 5, 1953 Berlin) also known as Richard Hubert Moest was a German film director, film producer, screenwriter and actor.

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F.W. Schröder-Schrom

F.W. Schröder-Schrom (May 31, 1879 Frankfurt-May 10, 1956 West Berlin) a.k.a. Franz Schroeder-Schramm, Franz Schroeder-Schrumm, Schröder-Schram, Fr. Schröder-Schrom, Franz W. Schröder-Schrom, Franz Wilhelm Schröder-Schrom, Franz-Wilhelm Schröder-Schrom, Wilhelm Schröder-Schrom, Schröder-Schrom or Franz Wilhelm Emil Schroeder was a German actor.

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Hans-Joachim Preil

Hans-Joachim Preil (June 26, 1923 Koszalin-November 2, 1999 Berlin) also known as Herricht & Preil was a German actor, screenwriter, film director and television director.

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