German actors who deceased in 1952

Here are 6 famous actors from Germany died in 1952:

Albert Bassermann

Albert Bassermann (September 7, 1867 Mannheim-March 15, 1952 Zürich) also known as Albert Basserman was a German actor.

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Franz Seitz, Sr.

Franz Seitz, Sr. (April 14, 1887 Munich-March 7, 1952 Schliersee) otherwise known as F. Seitz was a German screenwriter, film director and actor. His children are called Franz Seitz, Jr. and Hans Terofal.

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Karl Platen

Karl Platen (March 6, 1877 Halle-July 4, 1952 Weimar) otherwise known as Carl Platen was a German actor.

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Theodor Becker

Theodor Becker (January 11, 1880 Mannheim-June 26, 1952 Coppenbrügge) was a German actor. He had two children, Maria Becker and Renate Becker.

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Louis Brody

Louis Brody (February 15, 1892 Douala-February 11, 1952 Berlin) a.k.a. Lewis Brody, M'bebe Mpessa, Levis Brody, Lovis Brody or Lewis Brody-Upasso was a German actor and musician.

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Horst Caspar

Horst Caspar (January 20, 1913 Radegast-December 27, 1952 Dahlem) also known as Horst Joachim Arthur Caspar was a German actor.

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