German actors who deceased in 1954

Here are 8 famous actors from Germany died in 1954:

Theodor Loos

Theodor Loos (May 18, 1883 Zwingenberg-June 27, 1954 Stuttgart) also known as August Konrad Loos, Theodore Loos or Theodor August Konrad Loos was a German actor.

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Harald Paulsen

Harald Paulsen (August 26, 1895 Elmshorn-August 4, 1954 Hamburg) also known as Harald Lambertz-Paulsen, Harry Lamberts-Paulsen, Harry Lambertz-Paulsen or Harald Johannes David Paulsen was a German actor and film director. He had one child, Uwe Paulsen.

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Otto Gebühr

Otto Gebühr (May 29, 1877 Kettwig-March 14, 1954 Wiesbaden) was a German actor and film producer.

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Erwin Biegel

Erwin Biegel (March 25, 1896 Berlin-May 24, 1954 Berlin) was a German actor.

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Fritz Alberti

Fritz Alberti (October 22, 1877 Hanau-September 15, 1954 Berlin) was a German actor, voice actor and teacher.

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Wilfried Seyferth

Wilfried Seyferth (April 21, 1908 Darmstadt-October 9, 1954 Zeilsheim) also known as Wilfried Seyfert or Wilfried Seyfferth was a German actor. His children are called Andreas Seyferth and Katharina Seyferth.

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Ludwig Schmitz

Ludwig Schmitz (January 28, 1884 Cologne-June 28, 1954 Münster) was a German actor.

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Edgar Brasil

Edgar Brasil (November 27, 2014 Hamburg-January 4, 1954 Cruzeiro) otherwise known as Edgar Hauschildt or Edgar Brazil was a German cinematographer and actor.

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