German actors who deceased in 1995

Here are 7 famous actors from Germany died in 1995:

Reinhard Kolldehoff

Reinhard Kolldehoff (April 29, 1914 Berlin-November 18, 1995 Berlin) a.k.a. Reinhardt Kolldehoff, Reinhard Koldehoff, Reinhold Kolldehoff, René Kolldhoff, Reinhart Kolldehoff, Koldehoff, Rene Koldehoff, Reinh. Kolldehoff, René Koldehoff, René Kolldehoff, Rene Kolldehoff, Richard Koldehoff or Reinhard ("René") Kolldehoff was a German actor. His children are called Colette Kolldehoff and René Kolldehoff.

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Werner Veigel

Werner Veigel (November 9, 1928 The Hague-May 2, 1995 Hamburg) was a German journalist and actor.

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Hans Hessling

Hans Hessling (March 23, 1903 Hamburg-February 24, 1995 Ahrensburg) a.k.a. Hans Oskar Richard Hessling or Hans Heßling was a German actor.

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Ulrich Thein

Ulrich Thein (April 7, 1930 Braunschweig-June 21, 1995 Berlin) was a German film director, screenwriter and actor.

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Herbert Weissbach

Herbert Weissbach (November 12, 1901 Bernburg-October 13, 1995 Berlin) also known as Herbert Weisbach, C. Weißbach, Herbert Weißbach or C. Weissenbach was a German actor, voice actor and cabaret artist.

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Hans Häckermann

Hans Häckermann (March 3, 1930 Pirna-September 16, 1995 Ritzerau) was a German actor.

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Friedrich Schütter

Friedrich Schütter (January 4, 1921 Düsseldorf-September 17, 1995 Hamburg) also known as Schütter, Friedrich or Fritz Schütter was a German actor.

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