German actors who deceased in 2011

Here are 15 famous actors from Germany died in 2011:

Bernd Eichinger

Bernd Eichinger (April 11, 1949 Neuburg an der Donau-January 24, 2011 Los Angeles) also known as Bernd was a German film director, film producer, screenwriter, television producer, actor and television director. He had one child, Nina Eichinger.

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Heinz Bennent

Heinz Bennent (July 18, 1921 Stolberg-October 12, 2011 Lausanne) also known as Heinrich August Bennent was a German actor. He had two children, David Bennent and Anne Bennent.

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Heinz Reincke

Heinz Reincke (May 28, 1925 Kiel-July 13, 2011 Purkersdorf) also known as Karl-Heinz Reincke was a German actor and voice actor.

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Vicco von Bülow

Vicco von Bülow (November 12, 1923 Brandenburg an der Havel-August 22, 2011 Münsing) also known as Bernhard Victor Christoph-Carl von Bulow, Vicco von Bulow, Bernhard Victor Christoph-Carl von Bülow, Vicco von Bülow 'Loriot', Loriot or Bernhard Victor Christoph Carl von Bülow was a German film director, actor, cartoonist, television director, screenwriter, author, theatre director and costume designer. His children are called Bettina von Bülow and Susanne von Bülow.

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Friedrich Schoenfelder

Friedrich Schoenfelder (October 17, 1916 Żary-August 14, 2011 Berlin) a.k.a. Frank Felder, Friedrich Schönfelder or Friedrick Schönfelder was a German actor.

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Peter Schamoni

Peter Schamoni (March 27, 1934 Berlin-June 14, 2011 Munich) was a German film producer, film director, screenwriter, actor and film editor.

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Willy Schäfer

Willy Schäfer (March 6, 1933 Saarbrücken-May 6, 2011) a.k.a. Willy Schafer was a German actor.

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Gustav Lantschner

Gustav Lantschner (August 12, 1910 Innsbruck-March 19, 2011 Krailling) also known as Guzzi Lantschner was a German cinematographer, actor, film director, screenwriter and alpine skier.

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Peter Przygodda

Peter Przygodda (October 26, 1941 Berlin-October 2, 2011 Munich) also known as Keule was a German film editor, actor, film director, screenwriter, lector and television director. He had one child, Anna Theresa Przygodda.

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Walter Giller

Walter Giller (August 23, 1927 Recklinghausen-December 15, 2011 Hamburg) was a German actor. His children are called Jan-Claudius Giller and Natascha Giller.

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Michael Habeck

Michael Habeck (April 23, 1944 Bad Grönenbach-February 4, 2011 Munich) also known as Michael Habek was a German actor and voice actor.

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Jürgen Hentsch

Jürgen Hentsch (March 17, 1936 Görlitz-December 21, 2011 Berlin) was a German actor.

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Gerd Michael Henneberg

Gerd Michael Henneberg (July 14, 1922 Magdeburg-January 1, 2011 Berlin) a.k.a. G.M. Henneberg, Gerd M. Henneberg, Gerd Michel Henneberg, Gerd-Michael Henneberg, Henneberg, G. Khenneberg, Gerd Michael-Henneberg or Gerhard Otto Henneberg was a German actor.

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Hellmut Lange

Hellmut Lange (January 19, 1923 Berlin-January 13, 2011 Berlin) a.k.a. Hellmuth Lange, Helmuth Lange or Helmut Lange was a German actor.

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Joachim Brennecke

Joachim Brennecke (December 6, 1919 Berlin-September 6, 2011 Vaduz) was a German actor.

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