German actresses who were born in 1946

Here are 26 famous actresses from Germany were born in 1946:

Emine Sevgi Özdamar

Emine Sevgi Özdamar (August 10, 1946 Malatya-) also known as Emine Sevgi Ozdamar, Emine Ozdamar or Sevgi Özdamar is a German novelist, actor and film director.

Uschi Obermaier

Uschi Obermaier (September 24, 1946 Munich-) also known as Chrissi Malberg, Uschi Obermayer, Uschi Obermeier or Ursula Obermaier is a German model, actor, jewelry designer and author.

Ute Ohoven

Ute Ohoven (March 10, 1946 Tübingen-) otherwise known as Ute-Henriette Ulmen or Ute-Henriette Ohoven is a German actor. She has two children, Michael Ohoven and Chiara Ohoven.

Dagmar Biener

Dagmar Biener (June 23, 1946 Berlin-) is a German actor and voice actor.

Veronika-Marie von Quast

Veronika-Marie von Quast (December 10, 1946 Berchtesgaden-) is a German actor and comedian.

Regina Lemnitz

Regina Lemnitz (September 22, 1946 Berlin-) a.k.a. Regine Lemnitz is a German actor and voice actor.

Reinhilt Schneider

Reinhilt Schneider (August 25, 1946-) is a German voice actor and actor.

Daphne Wagner

Daphne Wagner (November 13, 1946 Bayreuth-) is a German actor.

Claudia Butenuth

Claudia Butenuth (September 20, 1946 Göttingen-) also known as Claudia Butenuth-Mani is a German actor.

Cornelia Schmaus

Cornelia Schmaus (September 15, 1946 Frankfurt-) is a German actor.

Gabriele Gysi

Gabriele Gysi (July 11, 1946 Berlin-) is a German actor.

Helga Werner

Helga Werner (December 24, 1946 Dresden-) is a German actor.

Gina Pietsch

Gina Pietsch (July 22, 1946 Querfurt-) is a German actor, singer and musician.

Karin Oehme

Karin Oehme (December 22, 1946 Hainichen, Saxony-) is a German actor.

Monika Schwarz

Monika Schwarz (April 24, 1946 Munich-) also known as Mo Schwarz is a German actor.

Sabine Glaser

Sabine Glaser (November 28, 1946 Wernigerode-) is a German actor.

Rosemarie Heinikel

Rosemarie Heinikel (June 4, 1946 Nuremberg-) a.k.a. Rosy-Rosy, Rosy-Rosy Heinikel or Rosy Rosy is a German actor.

Sarah Camp

Sarah Camp (December 11, 1946 Rosenheim-) is a German actor, cabaret artist, author and theatre director.

Ingeborg Westphal

Ingeborg Westphal (November 30, 1946 Prenzlauer Berg-July 28, 2012 Berlin) was a German actor.

Thalie Frugès

Thalie Frugès (November 26, 1946 Bad Kreuznach-January 15, 1988) also known as Marie-Christine Magimel was a German actor. She had one child, Ophélie Koering.

Annamirl Bierbichler

Annamirl Bierbichler (December 7, 1946 Münsing-May 27, 2005 Penzberg) also known as Annemarie Bierbichler was a German actor.

Jaid Barrymore

Jaid Barrymore (May 8, 1946 Brannenburg-) also known as Ildikó Jaid Makó, Ildiko Jaid Mako, Ildiko Jaid or Jaid Makó is a German actor and model. Her child is called Drew Barrymore.

Dore O.

Dore O. (August 9, 1946 Mülheim-) a.k.a. Dore Oberloskamp is a German film director, actor, screenwriter, film editor, cinematographer and film producer.

Ingrid Garbo

Ingrid Garbo (January 14, 1946 Munich-) also known as Ingrid Garbow or Olimpia Ingrid Garijo Garbo is a German actor. She has four children, José María Baztarrica Garijo, Onofre Baztarrica Garijo, Cayetana Baztarrica Garijo and Federica Eugenia Baztarrica Garijo.

Margot Rothweiler

Margot Rothweiler (January 31, 1946-) is a German voice actor and actor.

Brigitte Rohkohl

Brigitte Rohkohl (February 11, 1946 Hamburg-) is a German actor, presenter and journalist.

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