German actresses who deceased in 1971

Here are 6 famous actresses from Germany died in 1971:

Dita Parlo

Dita Parlo (September 4, 1906 Szczecin-December 13, 1971 Paris) also known as Grethe Gerda Kornstädt was a German actor.

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Helene Weigel

Helene Weigel (May 12, 1900 Vienna-May 6, 1971 Berlin) was a German actor. She had two children, Stefan Brecht and Barbara Brecht-Schall.

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Dora Altmann

Dora Altmann (February 20, 1881 Dresden-December 24, 1971 New Brunswick) also known as Dora Alrich was a German actor.

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Hedwiga Reicher

Hedwiga Reicher (June 12, 1884 Oldenburg-September 2, 1971 Los Angeles) also known as Celia Sibelius or Hedwig Reicher was a German actor and opera singer. She had one child, Frank Reicher.

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Renée Stobrawa

Renée Stobrawa (October 13, 1897 Dresden-August 16, 1971 Tegernsee) also known as Renate Stobrawa was a German actor, screenwriter and editor.

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Annemarie Hase

Annemarie Hase (June 14, 1900 Berlin-February 22, 1971 West Berlin) a.k.a. Annita Hirsch or Annemarie Hasse was a German actor, singer and cabaret artist.

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