German actresses who deceased in 1993

Here are 4 famous actresses from Germany died in 1993:

Blandine Ebinger

Blandine Ebinger (November 4, 1899 Berlin-December 25, 1993 Berlin) also known as Blandine Loeser or Blandine Ebinger Hassenpflug was a German actor, singer, songwriter and composer. Her child is called Philine Hollaender.

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Maria Matray

Maria Matray (July 14, 1907 Niederschönhausen-October 30, 1993 Munich) also known as Maria Solveg, Maria Stern, Solveg Maria or Maria Solveg-Matray was a German actor, screenwriter, choreographer and author.

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Anita Dorris

Anita Dorris (December 21, 1903 Lübeck-December 24, 1993 Vienna) a.k.a. Anita Dorothea Schmidt was a German actor. She had one child, Maria Emo.

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Carsta Löck

Carsta Löck (December 28, 1902 Niebüll-October 19, 1993 Berlin) a.k.a. Karsta Löck or Carsta Loeck was a German actor.

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