German musicians who were born in 1930

Here are 11 famous musicians from Germany were born in 1930:

Mario Adorf

Mario Adorf (September 8, 1930 Zürich-) is a German actor, singer, writer, voice actor and screenwriter. He has one child, Stella Adorf.

His albums: Al dente and .

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Claus Ogerman

Claus Ogerman (April 29, 1930 Racibórz-) also known as Claus Ogermann, Ogermann, Claus or Ogerman, Claus is a German composer and conductor.

His albums include Works for Violin & Piano (feat. violin: Yue Deng, piano: Jean-Yves Thibaudet), Gate of Dreams, Cityscape and Claus Ogerman featuring Michael Brecker. Genres he performed: Jazz, Popular music, Easy listening, Rhythm and blues, Rock music, Classical music and Soul music.

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John Fischer

John Fischer (August 11, 1930 Brussels-) is a German , .

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Armin Mueller-Stahl

Armin Mueller-Stahl (December 17, 1930 Sovetsk-) also known as Armin Müller-Stahl, Armin Mueller Stahl, Armin Müller–Stahl or Armin Myuller Shtal is a German actor, painter, writer, musician and violinist. His child is called Christian Mueller-Stahl.

Related albums: .

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Franzl Lang

Franzl Lang (December 28, 1930 Munich-) also known as Lang, Franzl is a German singer.

His albums include Das Kufsteiner Lied, Der Königsjodler and Echo der Berge. Genres he performed include Folk music and Yodeling.

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Helmut Kohl

Helmut Kohl (April 3, 1930 Ludwigshafen-) a.k.a. Helmut Josef Michael Kohl, Der Dicke, Birne or Dr. Helmut Kohl is a German politician and historian. His children are called Walter Kohl and Peter Kohl.

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Fritz Wunderlich

Fritz Wunderlich (September 26, 1930 Kusel-September 17, 1966 Heidelberg) a.k.a. Wunderlich, Fritz was a German singer.

His albums: privat, Dies Bildnis ist bezaubernd schön, Grosse Stimmen, Fritz Wunderlich: Musical Pearls, Das Lied von der Erde (New Philharmonia Orchestra feat. conductor: Otto Klemperer, mezzo-soprano: Christa Ludwig, tenor: Fritz Wunderlich), , Schumann: Dichterliebe / Schubert, Beethoven: Lieder (feat. tenor: Fritz Wunderlich, piano: Hubert Giesen), , Die schöne Müllerin / 3 Lieder (feat. tenor: Fritz Wunderlich, piano: Hubert Giesen) and Die Schöne Müllerin (Fritz Wunderlich).

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Helga Feddersen

Helga Feddersen (March 14, 1930 Hamburg-November 24, 1990 Föhr) also known as Feddersen, Helga was a German actor, singer, comedian and theatre director.

Her albums include Du Die Wanne Ist Voll.

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Rainer Zepperitz

Rainer Zepperitz (August 25, 1930 Bandung-December 23, 2009 Berlin) was a German , .

His discography includes: Forellenquintett & Der Tod und das Mädchen (Emil Gilels, Amadeus-Quartett, Rainer Zepperitz), Forellenquintett" ("Trout" quintet, "La truite") and .

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Wolfgang Völz

Wolfgang Völz (August 16, 1930 Gdańsk-) also known as Völz, Wolfgang, Wolfgang Otto Völz or Otto Wolfgang Volz is a German actor and voice actor. He has two children, Rebecca Völz and Benjamin Völz.

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Horst Fischer

Horst Fischer (June 8, 1930 Saxony-March 21, 1986 Cologne) a.k.a. Fischer, Horst was a German trumpeter.

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