German musicians who were born in 1932

Here are 10 famous musicians from Germany were born in 1932:

Bruno Schleinstein

Bruno Schleinstein (June 2, 1932 Berlin-August 11, 2010 Berlin) also known as Bruno S. was a German artist, musician, actor and visual artist.

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Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath (October 27, 1932 Jamaica Plain-February 11, 1963 London) otherwise known as Plath, Sylvia was a German poet, writer, novelist and author. She had two children, Nicholas Hughes and Frieda Hughes.

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Charles Paul Wilp

Charles Paul Wilp (September 15, 1932 Witten-January 2, 2005 Düsseldorf) a.k.a. Charles Wilp, Wilp, Charles or Charles M. Wilp was a German photographer, actor, artist, film editor and visual artist.

His albums: Charles Wilp fotografiert Bunny, Michelangelo in Space: The Bunny Remixes and Charles Wilp Fotografiert Bunny (remixed at Zero G).

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Nana Gualdi

Nana Gualdi (April 29, 1932 Basel-July 11, 2007 Sankt Ulrich am Pillersee) also known as Gualdi, Nana was a German singer. Her child is Thomas Menke.

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Alexander Goehr

Alexander Goehr (August 10, 1932 Berlin-) a.k.a. Goehr, Alexander is a German composer.

His discography includes: , , and New Music From Britain. Genres: Ballet, Opera and Contemporary classical music.

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Christiane Kubrick

Christiane Kubrick (May 10, 1932 Braunschweig-) also known as Christiane Harlan, Susanne Christian, Christiane Susanne Harlan or Christiane Harlan Kubrick is a German singer, actor, painter and dancer. She has three children, Vivian Kubrick, Anya Kubrick and Katharina Kubrick.

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Susanne Lautenbacher

Susanne Lautenbacher (April 19, 1932 Augsburg-) is a German violinist.

Her discography includes: The Great Composers, Volume 6: Beethoven: Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 61, The Great Composers 14: Brahms: Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 77, The Art of the Violin, Volume 2, The Art of the Violin, Volume 1, L'arte del Violino, Op. 3 and The Great Composers, Volume 25: Vivaldi: The Four Seasons.

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Karl Ridderbusch

Karl Ridderbusch (May 29, 1932 Recklinghausen-June 21, 1997 Wels) otherwise known as Ridderbusch, Karl was a German singer.

His albums include Requiem in D minor, K. 626, , Tristan und Isolde (Berliner Philharmoniker feat. conductor: Herbert von Karajan), Symphony no. 9 in D minor, op. 125, Parsifal and Palestrina.

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Konrad Ruhland

Konrad Ruhland (February 19, 1932 Landau an der Isar-March 14, 2010) also known as Ruhland, Konrad was a German , .

His albums: .

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Wolfgang Reichmann

Wolfgang Reichmann (January 7, 1932 Bytom-May 7, 1991 Waltalingen) also known as Reichmann, Wolfgang was a German actor.

His albums include singt Chansons and Auf dem Jahrmarkt der bunten Träume.

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