German musicians who were born in 1975

Here are 22 famous musicians from Germany were born in 1975:


Manoush (May 29, 1975 Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer-) also known as Marcia Nicole Barandshay, Noosh, Miss M., Marcia Nicole Noack, Nicole Marcia Noah, Cyanide Savior, Marcia Lakatos, Marcia Nicole Barandshai, Marcia Nicole Barandyai-Rani, Marcia Nicole Barandyai or Marcia Nicole Baranyari is a German songwriter, actor, singer, model and stunt performer.

Her albums include No Spang.

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Stefan Eichinger

Stefan Eichinger (May 20, 1975 Germany-) also known as Jason Mason or Lopazz is a German disc jockey, composer and electronic musician.

His most important albums: Share My Rhythm E.P., Kook Kook, Migracion (remix by Ricardo & Luciano), Fuck me!, Credit Card Receipt, 2 Fast 4 U, I Need Ya and We Are. His related genres: Progressive house, Electronica, Techno, Electronic music, Electronic dance music, Film score and House music.

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Lou Bega

Lou Bega (April 13, 1975 Munich-) a.k.a. David Lubega, David Lou Bega, Bega, Lou or L.B. is a German songwriter, singer and musician.

His discography includes: I Got a Girl, A Little Bit of Mambo, Mambo No. 5, Lounatic, Ladies and Gentlemen, King of Mambo, Mambo Mambo – The Best of Lou Bega, Free Again, Boyfriend and Beautiful World (A Little Collection Of Lou Bega's Best). Genres he performed: Jazz, Mambo, Latin pop, Hip hop music and Pop music.

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Rollergirl (November 19, 1975 Lünen-) a.k.a. Nicci Saft, Nicci Juice, Nicole Saft, Juice, Nicci or Nicole Safft is a German singer.

Her albums: Superstar, You Make Me Feel Like Dancing, Luv U More, Geisha Dreams, Eternal Flame, Close to You, (Now I'm Singin'...) And the Party Keeps on Rollin' and Dear Jessie. Genres she performed: Pop music, Eurodance, Electronica, Electronic dance music, House music and Trance music.

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Gentleman (April 19, 1975 Osnabrück-) also known as Tilmann Otto, Mr. Gentleman or Gentle Man is a German musician. He has two children, Samuel Otto and Tamica Otto.

Discography: Gentleman and the Far East Band LIVE, Superior, Send a Prayer, Intoxication, On We Go, Dem Gone, Rainy Days, Runaway EP, Different Places and Another Intensity. Genres: Reggae, Roots reggae, Dancehall and Reggae fusion.

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Dragan Espenschied

Dragan Espenschied (September 19, 1975 Munich-) also known as drx or despens is a German , . He has two children, Jurij Espenschied and Zelda Espenschied.

His most well known albums: Maxi German Rave Blast Hits 3, Hart Rockende Wissenschaftler, Uber Album and Education of the Noobz 1. Genres he performed: Chiptune, Folk music and Rave music.

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Nina Hoss

Nina Hoss (July 7, 1975 Stuttgart-) is a German actor.

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Tom Gaebel

Tom Gaebel (January 13, 1975 Gelsenkirchen-) also known as Tom Gäbel or Gäbel, Tom is a German musician, composer, lyricist and singer.

His albums include Introducing Myself, Good Life, Don't Wanna Dance, Music to Watch Girls By and So Good to Be Me. Genres: Jazz, Traditional pop music and Vocal music.

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DJ Dean

DJ Dean (October 25, 1975 Hamburg-) also known as Energy Flash, Martin Schmidt, Dean, DJ, Martynes, DJ Dean presents Van Nilson, Balla Nation, Dean, DJ Presents Van Nilson, Impegement Syndrom, Impegment Syndrom, Van Nilson, Martin van Nilsen, Silver Liquid, Sylver Liquid, Angel Beats, Barbarez, Dj Dean Pres. Barbarez, DJ Dean presents Barabarez, DJ Dean pr. Barbarez or Bettnäßer is a German disc jockey.

His albums include Eye of a Champ, Hypertrance, Trust Me, Protect Your Ears, Protect your Ears, Balla Nation Episode 2, Play It Hard, Balla Nation (The First album), It's a Dream / Planet Earth and Tunnel Trance Force, Volume 51. Genres: Techno and Trance music.

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Tomcraft (June 12, 1975 Munich-) also known as Thomas Bruckner, DJ Tomcraft, D.J. Tomcraft, Tom Craft, Thomas Brückner, DJ Tomkraft or Tomkraft is a German musician and disc jockey.

His most recognized albums: Sureshot, 25.17, For the Queen, Silence, Prosac, Muc, Mind, Brainwashed (Call You), All I Got and HyperSexyConscious. His related genres: Trance music.

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Kool Savas

Kool Savas (February 10, 1975 Aachen-) otherwise known as King Kool Savas or Savas Yurderi is a German rapper.

His discography includes: Wer hatz erfunden?, Tot oder Lebendig, Warum rapst Du?, King of Rap LP, Die John Bello Story, Die besten Tage sind gezählt, Der beste Tag meines Lebens, , and The Best of Kool Savas. Genres he performed: German hip hop.

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Markus Schulz

Markus Schulz (February 3, 1975 Eschwege-) also known as Markus "The Slice" Schulz, Marcus Schulz, Dakota, Himmel, Markus Schultz, Marcus Shulz, Markus Shulz, Schulz, Markus, Clinch or Markus Shultz is a German disc jockey and record producer.

Discography: Amsterdam 08, Fly to Colors, Never Be the Same Again (feat. Carrie Skipper), Progression, American DJ 04: Phoenix, Toronto '09, Ibiza '06, Miami '05, Do You Dream? and Armada at Ibiza: Summer 2008. Genres related to him: Progressive house and Trance music.

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Verena (July 27, 1975-) also known as Verena von Strenge is a German , .

Her albums: Finally Alone, Heartbeat, Part of Your World and Rain & Tears.

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Daniel Fehlow

Daniel Fehlow (February 21, 1975 Berlin-) is a German actor and voice actor.

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Diana Amft

Diana Amft (November 7, 1975 Gütersloh-) is a German actor.

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Nick Harmer

Nick Harmer (January 23, 1975 Landstuhl-) also known as Nicholas Harmer or Harmer, Nick is a German musician.

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Taktloss (July 4, 1975 Berlin-) a.k.a. Kingsly Defounga or Taktlo$$ is a German , .

His albums: WWW, Dogma (Gegen die Zeit), Battlereimpriorität Nr. 7, Phuk die Beeatch / Sonnenschein, BRP 56, BRP 4Life, BRP 3, Aus Liebe, and . Genres he performed include Freestyle rap, German hip hop and Battle rap.

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Rupee (September 10, 1975-) is a German , .

His most recognized albums: 1 on 1, Blame It on the Music, Do the Damn Thing, Leave a Message and Tempted To Touch. Genres: Reggae and Soca music.

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Koh Gabriel Kameda

Koh Gabriel Kameda (January 14, 1975 Freiburg im Breisgau-) is a German , .

His related genres: Classical music.

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Aylin Aslım

Aylin Aslım (February 14, 1975 Lich-) a.k.a. Aylin Aslim, Aslım, Aylin, Aylin Aslım ve Tayfası, Aylin Aslim ve Tayfasi or Aslım, Aylin ve Tayfası is a German singer-songwriter, composer and actor.

Related albums: Gel Git, , and Gülyabani. Genres she performed include Alternative rock.

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Daniel Tosh

Daniel Tosh (May 29, 1975 Boppard-) a.k.a. Daniel Dwight Tosh is a German comedian, actor, voice actor, writer, screenwriter, television producer, presenter and film producer.

His albums: Completely Serious and Happy Thoughts.

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Jaan Patterson

Jaan Patterson (October 23, 1975 Heidelberg-) also known as Rev Undress Beton or Undress Beton is a German , .

His discography includes: Sat Du Pond, Postlude Presumption Architecture, Interiéur, Tarentaliogy Defloration and Handmade Temper.

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