German music stars who deceased at age 34

Here are 6 famous musicians from Germany died at 34:

Hilde Coppi

Hilde Coppi (May 30, 1909 Berlin-August 5, 1943 Plötzensee Prison) was a German personality.

She died as a result of decapitation.

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Charles II, Elector Palatine

Charles II, Elector Palatine (March 31, 1651 Heidelberg-May 26, 1685 Heidelberg) was a German personality.

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Olga Benário Prestes

Olga Benário Prestes (February 12, 1908 Munich-April 23, 1942) a.k.a. Olga Gutmann Benário was a German personality. She had one child, Anita Leocádia Prestes.

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Helmut Gröttrup

Helmut Gröttrup (April 5, 2015 Germany-April 5, 1981) also known as Helmut Grottrup was a German physicist, aerospace engineer, engineer and inventor.

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Rudolf Lange

Rudolf Lange (November 18, 1910 Weißwasser-February 23, 1945 Poznań) was a German personality.

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Philipp Mainländer

Philipp Mainländer (October 5, 1841 Offenbach-April 1, 1876 Offenbach) a.k.a. Philipp Mainlander was a German philosopher.

He died as a result of suicide.

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