German music stars who deceased at age 46

Here are 6 famous musicians from Germany died at 46:

Otto Brunfels

Otto Brunfels (April 5, 1488 Mainz-November 23, 1534 Bern) was a German botanist.

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Frederick Traugott Pursh

Frederick Traugott Pursh (February 4, 1774 Großenhain-July 11, 1820 Montreal) was a German botanist.

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Adolf Reichwein

Adolf Reichwein (October 3, 1898 Bad Ems-October 20, 1944 Plötzensee Prison) was a German economist.

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Hans Frank

Hans Frank (May 23, 1900 Karlsruhe-October 16, 1946 Nuremberg) was a German lawyer and politician. He had five children, Sigrid Frank, Norman Frank, Brigitte Frank, Michael Frank and Niklas Frank.

He died caused by hanging.

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Andreas Gruentzig

Andreas Gruentzig (June 25, 1939 Dresden-October 27, 1985) was a German surgeon.

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Ernst Röhm

Ernst Röhm (November 28, 1887 Munich-July 1, 1934 Stadelheim Prison) also known as Ernst Rohm or Ernst Roehm was a German military officer.

He died caused by murder.

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