German music stars who deceased at age 63

Here are 18 famous musicians from Germany died at 63:

Adolf Behne

Adolf Behne (July 13, 1885 Magdeburg-August 22, 1948 Berlin) was a German architect.

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Fritz Houtermans

Fritz Houtermans (January 22, 1903 Poland-March 1, 1966 Bern) was a German physicist.

He died in lung cancer.

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Johannes Brahms

Johannes Brahms (May 7, 1833 Hamburg-April 3, 1897 Vienna) a.k.a. Brahams, J. Brahms, Brahms, Brahms Johannes, Johannes Brahms, Brahms, Johannes (1833 - 1897), 브람스, J Brahm, Johanness Brāmss, 布拉姆斯, 约翰内斯·布拉姆斯, 约翰内斯·勃拉姆斯, 約翰內斯·布拉姆斯, 約翰尼斯·布拉姆斯 or Brahms, Johannes was a German composer and pianist.

Discography: Sonatas for Cello and Piano, opp. 38, 99 and 108, The Greatest Hits, Piano Concerto No. 2 / Rhapsodies Op. 79 (piano: Rudolf Buchbinder), Sonata in F minor / Intermezzo No. 7 / Capriccio No. 2 / Hungarian Dances (feat piano: Evgeny Kissin), 10 Intermezzi for Piano / 4 Ballades, 16 Valses / Piano Concerto No. 1, 21 Hungarian Dances (feat. violin: Aaron Rosand), 10 Intermezzi for Piano, Ballades, op. 10 / Rhapsodies, op. 79 and 50 Classical Highlights (disc 1). His related genres: Classical music.

He died as a result of cancer.

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Gottfried Christian Friedrich Lücke

Gottfried Christian Friedrich Lücke (August 24, 1791 Egeln-February 4, 1855 Göttingen) also known as Gottfried Christian Friedrich Lucke was a German personality.

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Hermann Nothnagel

Hermann Nothnagel (September 28, 1841 Stare Łysogórki-July 7, 1905 Vienna) also known as Dr. Carl Nothnagel was a German physician.

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Willi Hennig

Willi Hennig (April 20, 1913 Dürrhennersdorf-November 5, 1976 Ludwigsburg) was a German personality.

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Heinrich von Brühl

Heinrich von Brühl (August 13, 1700 Gangloffsömmern-October 28, 1763 Dresden) a.k.a. Heinrich, count von Bruhl was a German politician. He had one child, Alois Friedrich von Brühl.

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Fritz Reuter

Fritz Reuter (November 7, 1810 Stavenhagen-July 12, 1874 Eisenach) was a German writer and novelist.

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Friedrich Wilhelm von Erdmannsdorff

Friedrich Wilhelm von Erdmannsdorff (May 18, 1736 Dresden-March 9, 1800 Dessau) was a German architect.

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Jürgen Rieger

Jürgen Rieger (May 11, 1946 Nordenham-October 29, 2009 Berlin) a.k.a. Jurgen Rieger was a German lawyer.

He died in stroke.

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Erika Mann

Erika Mann (November 9, 1905 Munich-August 27, 1969 Zürich) a.k.a. Erika Julia Hedwig Mann or Eri was a German screenwriter, actor, comedian, writer and journalist.

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Wolfgang Ratke

Wolfgang Ratke (October 18, 1571 Wilster-April 27, 1635 Erfurt) was a German personality.

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Ulrich, Duke of Württemberg

Ulrich, Duke of Württemberg (February 8, 1487 Riquewihr-November 6, 1550 Tübingen) a.k.a. Ulrich, Duke of Wurttemberg or Ulrich I. von Württemberg was a German personality. He had one child, Christoph, Duke of Württemberg.

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Alfred Schnittke

Alfred Schnittke (November 24, 1934 Engels, Saratov Oblast-August 3, 1998 Hamburg) also known as Альфред Гарриевич Шнитке, Альфред Гаррьевич Шнитке, A. Schnittke, Schnittke, Alfred Shnitke, Schnittke, Alfred Garyevich, A. Shnitke, Alfred Garriyevich Schnittke, Альфре́д Га́рриевич Шни́тке, Al'fred Garrievič Šnitke, Альфред Шнитке or Шнитке, Альфред Гарриевич was a German composer, film score composer, pianist and teacher. He had one child, Andrei Schnittke.

His albums include Ritual, (K)ein Sommernachtstraum, Passacaglia, Seid nüchtern und wachet, Faust cantata (Malmö Symphony Orchestra), Concerto Grosso no. 1 / Concerto for Cello and Orchestra, Concerto for Choir / Two Small Pieces for Organ, Choir Concerto, Symphony no. 1, Symphony no. 1, Viola Concerto / Trio Sonata, Symphony No. 2 "St. Florian" (USSR Ministry of Culture Chamber Choir, Leningrad Philharmonic Symphonic Orchestra feat. conductor: Gennadi Rozhdestvensky), Cello Concerto / Stille musik / Cello Sonata and Concerto Grosso No. 1 / Quasi una sonata / Moz-Art à la Haydn / A Paganini (Gidon Kremer). Genres: Aleatoric music, 20th-century classical music, Opera, Ballet, Chamber music, Christian music and Film score.

He died in stroke.

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Gustav Kirchhoff

Gustav Kirchhoff (March 12, 1824 Kaliningrad-October 17, 1887 Berlin) a.k.a. Gustav Robert Kirchhoff was a German physicist.

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Martin Chemnitz

Martin Chemnitz (November 9, 1522 Treuenbrietzen-April 8, 1586 Braunschweig) was a German astrologer.

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Wilhelm Karl, Duke of Urach

Wilhelm Karl, Duke of Urach (May 30, 1864 Monaco-March 24, 1928 Rapallo) was a German personality. His children are called Karl Gero, Duke of Urach, Albrecht von Urach and Princess Elisabeth of Urach.

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Johann Konrad Wilhelm Löhe

Johann Konrad Wilhelm Löhe (February 21, 1808 Fürth-January 2, 1872 Neuendettelsau) also known as Johann Konrad Wilhelm Lohe was a German personality.

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