German music stars who deceased at age 65

Here are 20 famous musicians from Germany died at 65:

Karl Nikolas Fraas

Karl Nikolas Fraas (September 8, 1810-November 9, 1875) was a German botanist.

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James Loeb

James Loeb (August 6, 1867 New York City-May 27, 1933 Munich) was a German banker.

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Friedrich Gerhard Rohlfs

Friedrich Gerhard Rohlfs (April 14, 1831 Bremen-Vegesack-June 2, 1896) was a German personality.

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Jacob Praetorius

Jacob Praetorius (February 8, 1586 Hamburg-October 22, 1651 Hamburg) also known as Praetorius, Jacob was a German personality.

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Max Amann

Max Amann (November 24, 1891 Munich-March 30, 1957 Munich) was a German politician.

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Wernher von Braun

Wernher von Braun (March 23, 1912 Wyrzysk-June 16, 1977 Alexandria) a.k.a. Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun, Dr. Wernher Von Braun, Dr. Werner von Braun or Wernher Braun was a German rocket scientist, physicist, scientist, aerospace engineer and writer. He had three children, Iris Careen von Braun, Peter Constantine von Braun and Margrit Cécile von Braun.

He died caused by pancreatic cancer.

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Peter Schlumbohm

Peter Schlumbohm (July 10, 1896 Germany-April 5, 1962) was a German inventor.

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Caspar David Friedrich

Caspar David Friedrich (September 5, 1774 Greifswald-May 7, 1840 Dresden) otherwise known as Caspar Friedrich was a German artist, painter and visual artist.

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Stefan George

Stefan George (June 12, 1868 Büdesheim-December 4, 1933 Minusio) also known as George, Stefan was a German translator, book editor and poet.

His discography includes: Point and Pray and Cloth.

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Johann Arndt

Johann Arndt (December 27, 1555 Edderitz-May 11, 1621 Celle) was a German personality.

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Bärbel Bohley

Bärbel Bohley (May 24, 1945 Berlin-September 11, 2010 Berlin) also known as Barbel Bohley was a German personality.

She died as a result of lung cancer.

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Johann Bessler

Johann Bessler (April 5, 1680 Zittau-November 30, 1745 Fürstenberg, Lower Saxony) was a German personality.

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Emil Schürer

Emil Schürer (May 2, 1844 Augsburg-April 30, 1910) a.k.a. Emil Schurer was a German personality.

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Ernest Augustus, Duke of Brunswick

Ernest Augustus, Duke of Brunswick (November 17, 1887 Penzing-January 30, 1953 Pattensen) was a German personality. His children are Frederica of Hanover, Prince Ernest Augustus of Hanover, Prince George William of Hanover, Prince Christian Oscar of Hanover and Prince Welf Henry of Hanover.

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Heinz Guderian

Heinz Guderian (June 17, 1888 Chełmno-May 14, 1954 Schwangau) was a German personality.

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Oscar Blumenthal

Oscar Blumenthal (March 13, 1852 Berlin-April 24, 1917 Berlin) was a German novelist.

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Johann Leopold, Hereditary Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

Johann Leopold, Hereditary Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (August 2, 1906 Coburg-May 4, 1972 Grein, Austria) was a German personality. He had one child, Ernst Leopold Prinz von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha.

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Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Wallroth

Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Wallroth (March 13, 1792-March 22, 1857) was a German personality.

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George Grosz

George Grosz (July 26, 1893 Berlin-July 6, 1959 Berlin) a.k.a. Georg Ehrenfried Groß was a German visual artist and artist.

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Carl Bosch

Carl Bosch (August 27, 1874 Cologne-April 26, 1940 Heidelberg) was a German scientist, engineer and chemist.

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