German music stars who deceased at age 75

Here are 29 famous musicians from Germany died at 75:

Alfred Wilhelm Volkmann

Alfred Wilhelm Volkmann (July 1, 1801 Leipzig-April 21, 1877 Halle) was a German personality.

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George Engelmann

George Engelmann (February 2, 1809 Frankfurt-February 4, 1884 St. Louis) was a German botanist. He had one child, George Julius Engelmann.

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Hermann Conring

Hermann Conring (November 9, 1606 Norden, Lower Saxony-December 12, 1681 Helmstedt) was a German philosopher.

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Karl Freiherr von Müffling

Karl Freiherr von Müffling (June 12, 1775 Halle-January 10, 1851 Erfurt) also known as Karl Freiherr von Muffling or Friedrich Karl Ferdinand Müffling was a German personality.

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Frederick Cook

Frederick Cook (June 10, 1865 Callicoon-August 5, 1940 New Rochelle) a.k.a. Dr. Frederick Cook or Frederick A Cook was a German physician.

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Bernd Becher

Bernd Becher (August 20, 1931 Siegen-June 22, 2007 Rostock) was a German photographer.

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Wolfgang Reitherman

Wolfgang Reitherman (June 26, 1909 Munich-May 22, 1985 Burbank) also known as Woolie Reitherman, Woolie or Wooly Reitherman was a German film director, animator, television director and film producer. He had three children, Bruce Reitherman, Robert Reitherman and Richard Reitherman.

He died caused by traffic collision.

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Franz Ignaz Beck

Franz Ignaz Beck (February 20, 1734 Mannheim-December 31, 1809 Bordeaux) was a German personality.

Discography: Symphonies (Northern Chamber Orchestra feat. conductor: Nicholas Ward) and . Genres he performed include Opera.

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Günther Blumentritt

Günther Blumentritt (February 10, 1892 Munich-October 12, 1967 Munich) otherwise known as Gunther Blumentritt was a German personality.

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Isaak August Dorner

Isaak August Dorner (June 20, 1809 Neuhausen ob Eck-July 8, 1884 Wiesbaden) also known as I. A. Dorner was a German personality. He had one child, August Dorner.

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Louis Spohr

Louis Spohr (April 5, 1784 Braunschweig-October 22, 1859 Kassel) a.k.a. Ludwig Spohr or Spohr, Louis was a German conductor, violinist and composer.

His albums: Die letzten Dinge (Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart & Südfunk-Chor Stuttgart feat. conductor: Gustav Kuhn), Jessonda (Chor der Hamburgischen Staatsoper & Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Hamburg feat. conductor: Gerd Albrecht), Piano Trios Nos. 2 and 4 (Hartley Piano Trio), Clarinet Concertos nos. 1 and 3 / Potpourri, op. 80, Clarinet Concertos Nos. 3 & 4 (Swedish Chamber Orchestra, feat. conductor: Robin O'Neill, clarinet: Michal Collins), Symphonies Nos. 4 & 5 / Das befreite Deutschland (Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana feat. conductor: Howard Shelley), Piano Trios Nos. 3 and 5 (Hartley Piano Trio), Double Quartets (Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Chamber Ensemble), Symphonies Nos. 1 & 2 (Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana, feat. conductor: Howard Shelley) and Clarinet Concertos Nos. 1 & 2 (Swedish Chamber Orchestra, feat. conductor: Robin O'Neill, clarinet: Michal Collins). Genres he performed: Classical music and Opera.

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William, Duke of Jülich-Cleves-Berg

William, Duke of Jülich-Cleves-Berg (July 28, 1516 Berg-January 5, 1592) also known as Wilhelm, Duke of Julich-Cleves-Berg, Wilhelm, Duke of Jülich-Cleves-Berg, Wilhelm der Reiche or William the Rich was a German personality. He had six children, Magdalene of Jülich-Cleves-Berg, Anna of Cleves, John William, Duke of Jülich-Cleves-Berg, Marie Eleonore of Cleves, Karl Friedrich of Jülich-Cleves-Berg and Sibylle of Jülich-Cleves-Berg.

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Marge Schott

Marge Schott (August 18, 1928 Cincinnati-March 2, 2004 Cincinnati) was a German personality.

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Clara Zetkin

Clara Zetkin (July 5, 1857 Königshain-Wiederau-June 20, 1933) otherwise known as Klara Zetkin was a German politician. Her children are called Kostja Zetkin and Maxim Zetkin.

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Moritz Hauptmann

Moritz Hauptmann (October 13, 1792 Dresden-January 3, 1868 Leipzig) was a German personality.

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Hermann of Wied

Hermann of Wied (January 14, 1477-August 15, 1552) was a German personality.

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Heymann Steinthal

Heymann Steinthal (May 16, 1823 Gröbzig-March 14, 1899 Berlin) was a German personality.

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Johann Gustav Droysen

Johann Gustav Droysen (July 6, 1808 Trzebiatów-June 19, 1884 Berlin) was a German personality.

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Elisabeth Grümmer

Elisabeth Grümmer (March 31, 1911-November 6, 1986) also known as Elisabeth Grummer or Grümmer, Elisabeth was a German singer.

Her discography includes: and Johannes Passion (feat. conductor: Karl Richter).

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Emanuel Hahn

Emanuel Hahn (May 30, 1881 Reutlingen-February 14, 1957) was a German personality.

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William Joseph Behr

William Joseph Behr (August 26, 1775-August 1, 1851) was a German writer.

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Max Davidson

Max Davidson (May 23, 1875 Berlin-September 4, 1950 Woodland Hills) was a German actor.

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Albrecht von Roon

Albrecht von Roon (April 30, 1803 Pleśna, West Pomeranian Voivodeship-February 23, 1879 Berlin) was a German personality.

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Carl Tanzler

Carl Tanzler (February 8, 1877 Dresden-July 3, 1952 Pasco County) was a German radiographer.

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Theodor Duesterberg

Theodor Duesterberg (October 19, 1875 Darmstadt-November 4, 1950 Hamelin) was a German politician.

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Erich Kästner

Erich Kästner (February 23, 1899 Dresden-July 29, 1974 Munich) also known as Kästner, Erich, Berhold Bürger, Melchior Kurz, Berthold Bürger, Eric Kästner, Erich Kaestner, Eberhard Foerster, Emil Erich Kästner or Erich Kastner was a German writer, screenwriter, author, poet, satirist and actor. He had one child, Thomas Kästner.

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Conrad I, Burgrave of Nuremberg

Conrad I, Burgrave of Nuremberg (April 5, 1186-April 5, 1261) was a German personality. His child is Frederick III, Burgrave of Nuremberg.

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David Ruhnken

David Ruhnken (January 2, 1723 Bydlino-April 14, 1798 Leiden) also known as David Ruhnkenius was a German personality.

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Ebbo (April 5, 0775-March 20, 0851 Hildesheim) was a German personality.

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