German musicians who died due to Suicide

Here are 8 famous musicians from Germany died in Suicide:

Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath (October 27, 1932 Jamaica Plain-February 11, 1963 London) otherwise known as Plath, Sylvia was a German poet, writer, novelist and author. She had two children, Nicholas Hughes and Frieda Hughes.

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Freddie Prinze

Freddie Prinze (June 22, 1954 Washington Heights-January 29, 1977 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Frederick Karl Pruetzel, Pete, Frederick Karl Pruetezl, freddie_prinze or Freddie James Prinze was a German actor and stand-up comedian. He had one child, Freddie Prinze, Jr..

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Bernd Alois Zimmermann

Bernd Alois Zimmermann (March 20, 1918 Cologne-August 10, 1970 Königsdorf) also known as Bernd Zimmermann or Zimmermann, Bernd Alois was a German composer.

His albums include Die Soldaten (Chor des Staatstheaters Stuttgart & Staatsorchester Stuttgart feat. conductor: Bernhard Kontarsky), Seraph and . Genres: 20th-century classical music and Opera.

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Hugo Distler

Hugo Distler (June 24, 1908 Nuremberg-November 1, 1942 Berlin) a.k.a. Distler, Hugo was a German , .

His albums: Mörike-Chorliederbuch Op. 19 (Kammerchor der Hochschule der Künste Berlin feat. conductor: Christian Grube).

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Ingo Schwichtenberg

Ingo Schwichtenberg (May 18, 1965 Hamburg-March 8, 1995) also known as Schwichtenberg, Ingo or Mr. Smile was a German drummer.

Genres related to him: Heavy metal, Power metal, Speed metal and Neoclassical metal.

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Herbert Kegel

Herbert Kegel (July 29, 1920 Dresden-November 20, 1990 Dresden) a.k.a. Kegel, Herbert was a German conductor.

His albums: Wozzeck, Symphony No. 8 in C minor, Symphonies nos. 7, 2 and Symphony no. 6 "Pastorale" / Symphony no. 8.

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Rex Gildo

Rex Gildo (July 2, 1936 Munich-October 26, 1999 Munich) also known as Ludwig Alexander Hirtreiter, Ludwig Franz Hirtreiter, Gildo, Rex or Alexander Gildo was a German singer and actor.

His albums include Das Beste von Rex Gildo, Speedy Gonzales, Fiesta Mexicana and Gitte & Rex.

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Roy Black

Roy Black (January 25, 1943 Bobingen-October 9, 1991 Heldenstein) a.k.a. Gerhard Höllerich or Black, Roy was a German singer and actor.

Discography: Ich denk' an dich, Die Singles 1969 - 1972, Für immer, Für dich allein, Star Edition, Wanderjahre, Ganz in weiß / Ich suche dich, Die Singles 1964 - 1968, Ganz in Weiss and Wünsche und Gedanken: Seine schönsten Weihnachtslieder. Genres he performed include Rock music.

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