Greek musicians born in 1979

Here are 7 famous musicians from Greece were born in 1979:

Dionysis Boukouvalas

Dionysis Boukouvalas (May 7, 1979 Athens-) is a Greek , .

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Anta Livitsanou

Anta Livitsanou (July 23, 1979 Athens-) also known as Ada Livitsanou is a Greek actor and singer.

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Othon Mataragas

Othon Mataragas (July 30, 1979 Athens-) is a Greek , .

His albums include Digital Angel and Pineal.

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Michael Quinella

Michael Quinella (March 1, 1979-) a.k.a. Μέθυσος, Methisos, Μιχάλης Κουϊνέλης or Michalis Kouinelis is a Greek musician and record producer.

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Paidi Thavma

Paidi Thavma (September 28, 1979 San Diego-) a.k.a. Paidi Thavma, Παναγιώτης Στραβαλέξης or Taki Tsan is a Greek record producer and rapper.

His albums: and .

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Rallia Christidou

Rallia Christidou (November 14, 1979 Greece-) otherwise known as Χρηστίδου, Ραλλία is a Greek singer.

Discography: , , Στην απέναντι πλευρά, and Mε το βλέμμα της καρδιάς. Her related genres: Pop music, Folk music and Laïko.

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Clio-Danae Othoneou

Clio-Danae Othoneou (September 30, 1979 Thessaloniki-) otherwise known as Kleio-Danai Othoneou is a Greek pianist and actor.

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