Greek musicians died at 50

Here are 3 famous musicians from Greece died at 50:

Nikolaos Stratos

Nikolaos Stratos (April 5, 1872 Loutro, Aetolia-Acarnania-November 15, 1922 Athens) was a Greek politician. He had one child, Dora Stratou.

He died in capital punishment.

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George Regas

George Regas (November 19, 1890 Faris-December 13, 1940 Los Angeles) also known as Jorge Rigas, George Rigas, Geo. Regas, Georgios Thomas Regakos, George Regis or Georges Rigas was a Greek actor.

He died as a result of infection.

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Lucia Rikaki

Lucia Rikaki (July 14, 1961 Piraeus-December 28, 2011 Athens) was a Greek film director, screenwriter, film producer and cinematographer.

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