Hongkongese actors born in 1959

Here are 5 famous actors from Hong Kong were born in 1959:

Ken Lo

Ken Lo (March 17, 1959 Laos-) also known as Kenneth Low, Kenneth Lo Wai-Kwong, Low Houi Kang, Ken Low Wai-kwong, Kwan Lee Ho, Low Houi-Kang, Ken Lo Wai Kwong, Lo Wai Kwong, Lowei Kwong, Ho Kwan Lee, Kenneth Lo, Wai Ko Lo, Wai-kwong Lo, Keneth Loui, Harold Low, Houi Kang Low, Houi-Kang Low, Kenneth Houi Kang Low, Ken Low, Hui-guang Lu, Law Wai-Kwong, Lo Wai-Kwong, Lo Wei-Gong, Kwong Jai, Kwong Chai or Lo Wai Ko is a Hongkongese actor, martial artist, stunt performer, tour guide, security guard and bouncer. He has two children, Jackie Lo and Jovan Lo.

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Waise Lee

Waise Lee (December 19, 1959 Hong Kong-) a.k.a. Lee Chi-Hung, Waise Lee Chi-Hung, Lee Chi Hung, Lee Tse Hung, Waise Lee Chi Hung, Chi Hung Lee, Tze-Hung Lee, Zixiong Li, Lee Tze-Hung, Lǐ Zǐxióng or Lei5 Zi2-hung4 is a Hongkongese actor.

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Fruit Chan

Fruit Chan (April 15, 1959 Guangdong Province-) also known as Fruit Chan Kuo, Guo Chen, Fruit Chan Gor, Sam-Fat Tin, Sap-Bat Tin or Tin Sam-Fat is a Hongkongese screenwriter, film director, film producer, actor and film editor.

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Jacob Cheung

Jacob Cheung (September 6, 1959 Hong Kong-) also known as Chi Leung 'Jacob' Cheung, Jacob Cheung Chi-Leung, Jacob Cheung, Zhiliang Zhang, Jacob C.L. Cheung, jeung1 ji1 leung6, zhang zhi liang, Chi Leung Cheung, Jacob Chang, Julian Cheung, Cheung Chi Lam or Zhang Zhiliang is a Hongkongese screenwriter, film director, film producer and actor. His children are called Jeremy Cheung, Matthew Cheung, Eugene Cheung and Ingrid Cheung.

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Kenny Ho

Kenny Ho (December 29, 1959 Hong Kong-) otherwise known as Ho Kar King, Ka King Ho, Kar-King Ho or Jiajin He is a Hongkongese actor and singer.

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